Vol 104, No 11 (2014)

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Guest Editorial

Mediation - an alternative to litigation in medical malpractice PDF HTML
Johan Walters 717-718

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 718-719


Bureaucracy and clinical performance PDF HTML
Jonathan Victor Larsen 720
A puzzling case of cryptococcal meningitis PDF HTML
Stewart James Brown, Simon George, Kate Braithwaite 720
Dr Mary Gordon PDF HTML
Jack Metz 721


Ebola global response: ‘not in my back yard’ PDF HTML
Emergency care doctors – ‘off-task and in the wrong places’ PDF HTML
The smell of coffee, blood and disinfectant … PDF HTML
Discard the placenta at your peril, pathologist warns doctors PDF HTML

Book reviews

Principles of Medicine in Africa. Ed. by David Mabey, Geoffrey Gill, Eldryd Parry, Martin W Weber and Christopher JM Whitty. 4th ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. ISBN 978-1-107-00251-7 PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 731
Creative Arts in Humane Medicine. Ed. by Cheryl McLean. Alberta: Brush Education Inc., 2014. ISBN 978-155059454-6 PDF HTML
Dawn Garisch 731


Blood-borne infections in healthcare workers in South Africa PDF HTML
Theresa M Rossouw, Marietjie van Rooyen, J Murray Louw, Karin Louise Richter 732-735
Impressions of defensive medical practice and medical litigation among South African neurosurgeons PDF HTML
David Roytowski, Timothy R Smith, A Graham Fieggen, Allan Taylor 736-738
The impact of the Consumer Protection Act on pharmacists PDF HTML
Karen du Toit, Evert van Eeden 738-740
Interference with the clinical independence of doctors in hospitals faced with a shortage of resources: What should doctors do? PDF HTML
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 741-742
Recommendations for the management of sickle cell disease in South Africa PDF HTML
Nazeer Ahmed Alli, Moosa Patel, Hassan Dawood Alli, Fatima Bassa, Marius J Coetzee, Alan Davidson, Mohammed Rafique Essop, Atul Lakha, Vernon J Louw, Nicolas Novitzky, Vinitha Philip, Janet Elizabeth Poole, Rosalind Wainwright 743-751


Public somnambulism: A general lack of awareness of the consequences of increasing medical negligence litigation PDF HTML
Graham Robert Howarth, B Goolab, R N Dunn, A G Fieggen 752-753
Ebola virus disease in West Africa: South African perspectives PDF HTML
Jaqueline Weyer, Lucille Hellen Blumberg 754-755
Compensation for research injuries: Thoughts from a human research ethics committee chair PDF HTML
Peter Cleaton-Jones 755-756
Who will guard the guards? Medical leadership and conflict of interest in South African healthcare PDF HTML
Andy Parrish, Marc Blockman 757-758


Compensation for research-related harm: The implications of Venter v Roche Products (Pty) Limited and Others for research ethics committees PDF HTML
Ann Strode, Priya Pravesh Singh 759-761
Appropriateness of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scans in the Eden and Central Karoo districts of the Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF HTML
Juanita Becker, Louis Stander Jenkins, Magdaleen de Swardt, Rauf Sayed, Martin Viljoen 762-765
A laboratory-based study to identify and speciate non-tuberculous mycobacteria isolated from specimens submitted to a central tuberculosis laboratory from throughout KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF HTML
Lisha Sookan, Yacoob Mahomed Coovadia 766-768
Determining need for hospitalisation: Evaluation of the utility of the CRB-65 score in patients with community-acquired pneumonia presenting to an emergency department PDF HTML
Dalton Mulombe Kabundji, Alfred Musekiwa, Murimisi Mukansi, Charles Feldman 769-772
The association of khat (Catha edulis) chewing and orodental health: A systematic review and meta-analysis PDF HTML
Ayalew Astatkie, Meaza Demissie, Yemane Berhane 773-779
Duchenne muscular dystrophy: High-resolution melting curve analysis as an affordable diagnostic mutation scanning tool in a South African cohort PDF HTML
Alina Izabela Esterhuizen, J M Wilmshurst, R G Goliath, L J Greenberg 779-784

Continuing Medical Education

Immunology as a medical discipline in South Africa: Why, how and what form? PDF HTML
J Peter, S Ress, C Gray 785-786
Superheroes in autoimmune warfare: Biologic therapies in current SA practice PDF HTML
G Tarr, B Hodkinson, H Reuter 787-791
Investigation of adult immunodeficiency and indications for immunoglobulin replacement therapy PDF HTML
S Ress 791-792
Investigation and management of primary immunodeficiency in South African children PDF HTML
B Eley, M Esser 793
Advances in the diagnosis and management of allergic disease: Applications to South African practice PDF HTML
A Pentz, R J Green 794
Immune tolerance and immunosuppression in solid organ transplantation PDF HTML
C W N Spearman, Z A Barday 795
Recommendations for the use of immunoglobulin therapy for immunomodulation and antibody replacement PDF HTML
J G Peter, J M Heckmann, N Novitzky 796


CPD questionnaire PDF

Paediatric Hepatobiliary

Contents PDF
Emma Buchanan 797
Liver disease in children: From neonatal jaundice to living donor liver transplantation PDF HTML
Jerome Loveland 798
Paediatric liver transplantation in Johannesburg revisited: 59 transplants and challenges met PDF HTML
Jerome Loveland, Russell Britz, Craig Joseph, Anna Sparaco, Michele Zuckerman, Alan Langnas, Gunter Schleicher, Bernd Strobele, Porai Moshesh, Jean Botha 799-802
Paediatric pancreatic trauma: A review of the literature and results of a multicentre survey on patient management: PDF HTML
Chris Westgarth-Taylor, Jerome Loveland 803-807
Acute liver failure and transplantation in children PDF HTML
Simon Horslen 808-812
Liver tumours in children: Current surgical management and role of Transplantation PDF HTML
Alastair J W Millar 813-815
Controversies in choledochal malformation PDF HTML
John J Atkinson, Mark Davenport 816-819
Role of laparoscopy during surgery at the porta hepatis PDF HTML
A Yamataka, G J Lane, H Koga, J Cazares, H Nakamura 820-824
The role of interventional radiology in complications after paediatric liver transplantation PDF HTML
John Cantrell 825-829
Paediatric lver transplantation for children treated at public health facilities in South Africa: Time for change PDF HTML
Sanjay Govind Lala, Russell Britz, Jean Botha, Jerome Loveland 829-832