Vol 106, No 9 (2016)

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New article submission protocol: SAMJ goes live with Editorial Manager PDF
Emma Buchanan 832

From the Editor

The cannabis debate: Let's do the research PDF
Bridget Farham 833

Guest Editorial

Recognising and mitigating the risk of altitude-related illness PDF
Ross Hofmeyr, Walther Meyer, Mike James, Rik De Decker 834-835


Psychoactive substances: Position statement on harm reduction PDF
Dan Joseph Stein, Eva Manyedi, for the Executive Committee of the Central Drug Authority 836
Position statement on cannabis: A step forwards PDF
Dan Joseph Stein, Eva Manyedi, for the Executive Committee of the Central Drug Authority 837
Adding to the cannabis debate: Comment on various Central Drug Authority papers PDF
Keith Scott 838-839
Clarifying the position statements of the Central Drug Authority Executive Committee PDF
Dan J Stein, Eva Manyedi, for the Executive Committee of the Central Drug Authority 840


Social justice and research using human biological material: A right to respond PDF
Safia Mahomed, Melodie Nöthling-Slabbert, Michael S Pepper 842
The potential danger of journal summary services PDF
Timo Freeth 842
Effects of oestrogen on prepubescent children PDF
Francois Daubenton 843
‘50 for 50’: A celebration of 50 years of cancer research at the IARC Global Cancer Conference in Lyon, France PDF
Christine Taljaard, Caradee Yael Wright 844-846


Cutting-edge ZAR120 million boost for SA’s surgical skills PDF
'Shamed' Durban doctor claims ZAR20 million PDF
Two fatalities in Durban’s multiple hospital strikes PDF
Give us peer-educators, not nurses, say sex workers PDF


Child deaths in South Africa: Lessons from the child death review pilot PDF
Shanaaz Mathews, Lorna J Martin, David Coetzee, Chris Scott, Yasheen Brijmohun 851-852

Continuing Medical Education

Functional neurosurgery (part 2) PDF
J M Nico Enslin 853
Surgical management of movement disorders PDF
J M Nico Enslin 854-857
Surgical management of pain PDF
Sally J Rothemeyer, J M Nico Enslin 858-860

In Practice

Recipes for obstetric spinal hypotension: The clinical context counts PDF
David G Bishop, Reitze N Rodseth, Robert A Dyer 861-864
‘Getting under our skin’: Introducing banked allograft skin to burn surgery in South Africa PDF
Nikki Allorto, Alan David Rogers, Heinz Rode 865-866
A biobank to support HIV malignancy research for sub-Saharan Africa PDF
Johann Wilhelm Schneider, Micheline Sanderson, Dieter Geiger, Mostafa Nokta, Sylvia Silver 867-869
CRISPR-Cas: Revolutionising genome engineering PDF
Samantha Anne Nicholson, Michael Sean Pepper 870-871
Improving the recording of clinical medicolegal findings in South Africa PDF
Ruxana Jina, Johanna Marianne Kotzé 872-873
Postoperative care: From a legal point of view, whose responsibility is it? PDF
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 874-876
Invasive carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infection at a paediatric hospital: A case series PDF
Oliver Ombeva Malande, Annerie du Plessis, Diane Rip, Colleen Bamford, Brian Eley 877-882
Human brucellosis in South Africa: Public health and diagnostic pitfalls PDF
Justyna Maria Wojno, Clinton Moodley, Jaco Pienaar, Natalie Beylis, Lourens Jacobsz, Mark P Nicol, Jenny Rossouw, Colleen Bamford 883-885
Sirolimus-induced lymphoedema PDF
Kagiso G Motse, Mduduzi J Mashabane 886-887
Neonatal tetanus associated with skin infection PDF
M Maharaj, N Dungwa 888-890
Three cases of intentional isoniazid overdose – a life-threatening condition PDF
David Francis Stead, Carolyn Ruth Mason 891-892
Primary ethmoid sinus squamous cell carcinoma in a young adult man PDF
N Goncalves, L A Burnell, S Motakef, P C Modi 893-894


The South African child death review pilot: A multiagency approach to strengthen healthcare and protection for children PDF
Shanaaz Mathews, Lorna J Martin, David Coetzee, Chris Scott, Threnesan Naidoo, Yasheen Brijmohun, Karisha Quarrie 895-899
A cross-sectional study of socioeconomic status and cardiovascular disease risk among participants in the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological (PURE) Study PDF
Bonaventure Amandi Egbujie, Ehimario Uche Igumbor, Thandi Puoane 900-906
The histological significance of atypical glandular cells on cervical cytology: Experience at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa PDF
Lance D Hoffman, Hue-Tsi Wu 907-911
Missed appointments among rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (RR-TB) patients at a decentralised RR-TB outpatient clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
Renu Gajee, Kathryn Schnippel, Nompumelelo Mthupha, Batanayi Muzah, Rebecca Berhanu 912-917
Effects of diabetes mellitus on health-related quality of life at a tertiary hospital in South Africa: A cross-sectional study PDF
R Daya, Z Bayat, F J Raal 918-928
A follow-up study of a large group of children struck by lightning PDF
Lynette Mary Ann Silva, Mary Ann Cooper, Ryan Blumenthal, Neil Pliskin 929-932
The PAWPER tape and the Mercy method outperform other methods of weight estimation in children at a public hospital in South Africa PDF
Vanessa G Georgoulas, Mike Wells 933-939
What are the communication skills and needs of doctors when communicating a poor prognosis to patients and their families? A qualitative study from South Africa PDF
L L Ganca, L Gwyther, R Harding, M Meiring 940-944


CPD questionnaire PDF