Vol 110, No 6 (2020)

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Guest Editorial

South Africa’s coronavirus testing strategy is broken and not fit for purpose: It’s time for a change PDF
M Mendelson, S Madhi 429-431


The utility of high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in the management of respiratory failure secondary to COVID-19 pneumonia PDF
U Lalla, B W Allwood, E H Louw, A Nortje, A Parker, J J Taljaard, D Moodley, C F N Koegelenberg 432
Closed positive end-expiratory pressure system: Pre-oxygenation and ventilatory support in COVID-19 PDF
I D'Andrea, P Naidoo, E Schoeman, C Kotze 433
COVID-19 restrictions and increased risk of overdose for street-based people with opioid dependence in South Africa PDF
M-J Stowe, A Scheibe, S Shelly, M Marks 434
Prognosticating COVID-19: A need for Africa-specific laboratory predictors PDF
G Omuse, J Maranga, A Abdillah, D Maina 435
COVID-19 infection in Italy: An occupational injury PDF
F Chirico, N Magnavita 436
Assessment of sputum cultures for the diagnosis of lower-respiratory tract infections in the outpatient setting PDF
R Chanda, C J Opperman 437


Araj Hanooman PDF
Y Moodley 438


How South Africa’s Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 can be optimised PDF
J A Singh 439-442
Building trust during COVID 19: Value-driven and ethical priority-setting PDF
A Mosam, S Goldstein, A Erzse, A Tugendhaft, K Hofman 443-444
COVID-19: Science and global health governance under attack PDF
J A Singh 445-446
Remdesivir and COVID-19: What are the implications for Africa? PDF
R J Green, F Mustafa, N Sewlall, G A Richards 447
The implications of COVID-19 for the children of Africa PDF
F Mustafa, R Green 448-449

In Practice

Pandemics, professionalism and the duty of care: Concerns from the coalface PDF
A Dhai, M Veller, D Ballot, M Mokhachane 450-452
COVID-19: Mandatory institutional isolation v. voluntary home self-isolation PDF
J A Singh 453-455
Isolation and quarantine in South Africa during COVID-19: Draconian measures or proportional response? PDF
K Moodley, A E Obasa, L London 456-457
Criminalisation of transmission of SARS-CoV-2: A potential challenge to controlling the outbreak in South Africa PDF
S Abdool Karim 458-460
COVID-19 and patient-doctor confidentiality PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 461-462
Leadership and early strategic response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic at a COVID-19 designated hospital in South Africa PDF
A Parker, S Karamchand, N Schrueder, S Lahri, H Rabie, A Aucamp, R Abrahams, P Ciapparelli, D S Erasmus, M F Cotton, U Lalla, R Leisegang, J Meintjes, R Mistry, M R Moosa, A Mowlana, C F N Koegelenberg, H Prozesky, W Smith, M van Schalkwyk, J J Taljaard 463-465
Personal protective equipment (PPE) in a pandemic: Approaches to PPE preservation for South African healthcare facilities PDF
C le Roux, A Dramowski 466-468
COVID-19 and quarantine orders: A practical approach PDF PDF
W M Botes, D W Thaldar 469-472
HIV and SARS-CoV-2 co-infection: The diagnostic challenges of dual pandemics PDF
A Parker, J Shaw, S Karamchand, S Lahri, N Schrueder, M-Y Chothia, A Mowlana, U Lalla, B W Allwood, C F N Koegelenberg, J J Taljaard 473-475
Quarantine alone or in combination with other public health measures to control COVID-19: A rapid Cochrane review PDF
B Schmidt, E L Davids, T Malinga 476-477


Transmission of respiratory viruses when using public ground transport: A rapid review to inform public health recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
J Zhen, C Chan, A Schoonees, E Apatu, L Thabane, T Young 478-483


Analysis of the airway registry from an academic emergency department in South Africa PDF
J C Hart, L N Goldstein 484-490
Predictors of 1-year survival in South African transcatheter aortic valve implant candidates PDF
J J Liebenberg, A Doubell, J van Wyk, M Kidd, T Mabin, H Weich 491-496
An analysis of neonates with surgical diagnoses admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, South Africa PDF
R T Saggers, D E Ballot, A Grieve 497-501
A retrospective cohort study comparing pregnancy outcomes and neonatal characteristics between HIV-infected and HIV-non-infected mothers PDF
G Goldman, S Budhram 502-504
Documented higher burden of advanced and very advanced HIV disease among patients, especially men, accessing healthcare in a rapidly growing economic and industrial hub in South Africa: A call to action PDF
D K Glencross, N Cassim, L M Coetzee 505-513
Ever and repeat HIV testing rates among male and female clients: Findings from a reproductive health services integration project in South Africa PDF
C Milford, M E Beksinska, Z Mabude, J A Smit 514-518
Prevalence and outcome of delirium among acute general medical inpatients in Cape Town, South Africa PDF
N du Plooy, C Day, K Manning, F Abdullah, K James, L Grace, N Vorajee, C April, J Peter, P J Raubenheimer 519-524
Lessons learnt during the national introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programmes in 6 African countries: Stakeholders’ perspectives PDF
L H Abdullahi, G D Hussey, C S Wiysonge, B M Kagina 525-531
Viewership footprint for a low-resource, student-centred collaborative video platform to teach orthopaedics in southern Africa PDF
G S Wever, I Elliott, J McCaul, M Workman, M Laubscher, R N Dunn, M Held 532-536
Thirty-day readmission rate: A predictor of initial surgical severity or quality of surgical care? A regional hospital analysis PDF
P C S Snyders, O Swart, R C Duvenage 537-539
Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of women with heroin dependence in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
N Morgan, W Daniels, U Subramaney 540-545
Prevalence of hookah pipe smoking in high-school learners in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
N Naicker, J Teare, P Albers, A Mathee 546-551


CPD Questions PDF