Vol 109, No 10 (2019)

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Guest Editorial

Clinical associates in South Africa PDF
S Ngcobo 706


Legal regulation of psychotropic drugs PDF
K Scott, J P de V van Niekerk 707


Gboyega Ogunbanjo PDF
F Senkubuge, D Hellenberg, R Oyedipe 708-709

Book reviews

Knowledge and Global Power: Making New Sciences in the South. By Fran Collyer, Raewyn Connell, João Maia and Robert Morell. Johannesburg: Wits University Press, 2019. ISBN: 978-1-925495-76-8 (pbk), 978-1-925495-78-2 (e-book) PDF
D Cooper 710

Continuing Medical Education

The most difficult of arts PDF
V J Louw, N A B Ntusi 711
Lymphadenopathy in a tuberculosis-endemic area: Diagnostic pitfalls and suggested approach PDF
K Antel, E Verburgh 712-714
Approach to lymphoma diagnosis and management in South Africa PDF
E Verburgh, K Antel 715-718
Laboratory testing in the evaluation of a monoclonal protein: A practical framework for interpretation PDF
B L Houston, E Rimmer, R Zarychanski, M Seftel 719-722
An approach to the diagnosis and management of multiple myeloma PDF
F Fazel, F Bassa 723-727

In Practice

Figures of the dead: A decade of tuberculosis mortality registrations in South Africa PDF
M Loveday, Y N Mzobe, Y Pillay, P Barron 728-732
Appointment cancellations and no shows: To charge or not to charge? PDF
A Barit 733-735
Spitting cobra (Naja nigricincta nigricincta) bites complicated by rhabdomyolysis, possible intravascular haemolysis, and coagulopathy PDF
E L Saaiman, P J C Buys 736-740
Patient abandonment in primary healthcare settings: What duty is owed to medical students? PDF
N O Mapukata 741-742
What should private-sector doctors do when relatives of deceased patients pressurise them to prevent medicolegal autopsies in cases of unnatural death? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 743-744


De-escalation of biological therapy in inflammatory bowel disease: Benefits and risks PDF
E Fredericks, G Watermeyer 745-749


Reasons for requesting removal of the hormonal implant, Implanon NXT, at an urban reproductive health clinic in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa PDF
I Beesham, J Smit, M Beksinska, M Panday, V Makatini, S Evans 750-755
Projecting the fiscal impact of South Africa’s contraceptive needs: Scaling up family planning post 2020 PDF
L Chola, K MacQuilkan, A Winch, R Rapiti, I Edoka, C Kohli-Lynch, K Hofman 756-760
Practice choices of clinical associates: Policy realisation or practical reality? PDF
V L Monareng, J E Wolvaardt, M Bac, E M Webb 761-764
An audit of operating theatre utilisation and day-of-surgery cancellations at a regional hospital in the Durban metropole PDF
I I Asmal, K Keerath, L Cronjé 765-770
Primary healthcare delivery models for uninsured low-income earners during the transition to National Health Insurance: Perspectives of private South African providers PDF
S Girdwood, K Govender, L Long, J Miot, G Meyer-Rath 771-783
Characteristics and drinking behaviour of patients on antiretroviral therapy who drink and attend HIV clinics in Tshwane, South Africa: Implications for intervention PDF
C D Parry, M Londani, P A Shuper, B Myers, C T Kekwaletswe, S Nkosi, N K Morojele 784-791
Medicolegal perspectives of interpersonal violence: A review of first-contact clinical notes PDF
D P Loots, G Saayman 792-800
A multicentre prospective observational study of the prevalence and glycaemic control of diabetes mellitus in adult non-cardiac elective surgical patients in hospitals in Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
T Biesman-Simons, W S Conradie, M Nejthardt, F Roodt, J Davids, T Pretorius, G Davies, E Cloete, Z Fullerton, J Roos, M Flint, J L Swanevelder, R A Dyer, B M Biccard 801-806
Maternal and neonatal vitamin D status at birth in black South Africans PDF
S C Velaphi, A Izu, S A Madhi, J M Pettifor 807-813


CPD Questions PDF