Vol 108, No 9 (2018)

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Professor Bongani Mayosi: A legend in our time PDF
N Ntusi 695-696
Yes, we did fail Bongani Mayosi PDF
N Khumalo Mayosi 697-698
Musings on Mayosi as Dean PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 699
Farewell PDF
B Farham 700

Guest Editorial

In the aftermath of a suicide: Any lessons from the sorrow? PDF
D J Stein 701


The Cape Town Declaration on Access to Cardiac Surgery in the Developing World PDF
P Zilla, R M Bolman, M H Yacoub, F Beyersdorf, K Sliwa, L Zühlke, R S D Higgins, B Mayosi, A Carpentier, D Williams 702-704


Medical students’ perceptions on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide: Are they fully informed? PDF
H Burger, L Gwyther, R Krause, M Ratshikana-Moloko, D Hellenberg 705
To persuade or to inform? PDF
A Barit 706
Severe hypercholesterolaemia with a high risk of atherosclerosis may be precipitated by a high-sterol diet PDF
A D Marais, D Segal 707


Paediatric hypertension in South Africa: An underestimated problem calling for action PDF
J Kagura, K K Ong, L S Adair, J M Pettifor, S A Norris 708-709
Minimum inhibitory concentration-guided antimicrobial therapy – the Achilles heel in the antimicrobial stewardship agenda PDF
W Lowman 710-712

Continuing Medical Education

Tattoos: Their changing demographics require clinicians to be more knowledgeable about their impact on health PDF
R J Lehloenya, R M Ngwanya, T Isaacs 713
Tattoos: A summary knowledge for the practising clinician PDF
T Isaacs, R M Ngwanya, R J Lehloenya 714-720

In Practice

Termination of pregnancy: Cultural practices, the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act and the constitutional rights of children PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 721-723
We are tired of 'adrenal fatigue' PDF
I L Ross, J Jones, M Blockman 724-725
Complete resolution of apparently definite radiological and histological usual interstitial pneumonia PDF
D Simon, E M Irusen, B W Allwood, J Rigby, C F N Koegelenberg 726-728


Leveraging the Road to Health booklet as a unique patient identifier to monitor the prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme PDF
A Haeri Mazanderani, G G Sherman, F Moyo, A E Goga, U Feucht 729-733
The unmet needs and health priorities of the urban poor: Generating the evidence base for urban community health worker programmes in South Africa PDF
A van Rie, N S West, S R Schwartz, L Mutanga, C F Hanrahan, J Ncayiyana, J Bassett 734-740
Compulsory community service for doctors in South Africa: A 15-year review PDF
S J Reid, J Peacocke, S Kornik, G Wolvaardt 741-747
Obstetrics knowledge and skills training as a catalyst for change PDF
R C Pattinson, A-M Bergh, J Makin, Y Pillay, J Moodley, B Madaj, C Ameh, N van den Broek 748-755
Infant feeding practices in Soweto, South Africa: Implications for healthcare providers PDF
S Nieuwoudt, L Manderson, S A Norris 756-762
Antibiotic use and resistance: Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions among primary care prescribers in South Africa PDF HTML
E Farley, A Stewart, M-A Davies, M Govind, D van den Bergh, T H Boyles 763-771
Pregnancy outcome in patients with pregestational and gestational diabetes attending Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa PDF
H Van Zyl, N S Levitt 772-776
Clinical and pathological features of acral melanoma in a South African population: A retrospective study PDF
J de Wet, B Tod, W I Visser, H F Jordaan, J W Schneider 777-781
Alcohol marketing and adolescent alcohol consumption: Results from the International Alcohol Control study (South Africa) PDF
N K Morojele, C Lombard, N Harker Burnhams, P Petersen Williams, E Nel, C D H Parry 782-788


CPD questionnaire PDF