Vol 107, No 11 (2017)

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From the Editor

Promoting obesity PDF
B Farham 927


An approach to anaemia diagnosis – concerns in primary care PDF
N Alli, J Vaughan, M Patel 928
HIV-positive patients in the intensive care unit PDF
A Parker, S Lahri, J J Taljaard, C F N Koegelenberg 929
End-of-life care and organ and tissue donation in South Africa – it’s time for a national policy to lead the way PDF
N Allorto, R Moore, E Andrews, R Martinez, W A Smith, V Medapati, S L Wall, A D Rogers, H Rode 930


30 days in medicine PDF


Harold James Mons Duncan, 1929 - 2017 PDF
R Wise 932

Continuing Medical Education

Lessons learnt from the introduction of the contraceptive implant in South Africa PDF
M Pleaner, C Morroni, J Smit, N Lince-Deroche, M F Chersich, S Mullick, D Pillay, M Makua, H Rees 933-938
Strengthening implant provision and acceptance in South Africa with the ‘Any woman, any place, any time’ approach: An essential step towards reducing unintended pregnancies PDF
H Rees, Y Pillay, S Mullick, M F Chersich 939-944

In Practice

The African Hospitalist Fellowship PDF
A D Daniels, H Buys, R Dunkley, J M Wilmshurst 945-947
Provision of acute and elective general surgical care at a tertiary facility in the era of subspecialisation PDF
J H Klopper, S Rayamajhi, J J Venter, D J de Villiers, N Almgla, J C Kloppers 948-951
Kaposi’s sarcoma: Good outcome with doxorubicin, bleomycin and vincristine sulphate (ABV) chemotherapy and highly active antiretroviral therapy PDF
P B Hesseling, E Katayi, P Wharin, R Bardin, F Kouya, D Palmer, M Glenn, M Kruger 952-953
Protecting personal information: Implications of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act for healthcare professionals PDF
M Buys 954-956


Investigating nystagmus in patients with traumatic brain injury: A systematic review (1996 - 2016) PDF
H de Clercq, A Naude, J Bornman 957-964


Beyond clinical trials: Cross-sectional associations of combination antiretroviral therapy with reports of multiple symptoms and non-adherence among adolescents in South Africa PDF
H P M Natukunda, L D Cluver, E Toska, V Musiime, A R Yakubovich 965-975
Sensory integration intervention and the development of the premature infant: A controlled trial PDF
E Lecuona, A van Jaarsveld, J Raubenheimer, R van Heerden 976-982
Extraspinal osteoarticular multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in children: A case series PDF
G B Firth, J Lescheid, M Camacho, M Esteves, N Beylis, M J Groome, S A Madhi 983-986
Impact of the learning environment on career intentions of paediatric interns PDF
K Naidoo, J M van Wyk, M Adhikari 987-993
Access to and utilisation of healthcare services by sex workers at truck-stop clinics in South Africa: A case study PDF
S C Fobosi, S T Lalla-Edward, S Ncube, F Buthelezi, P Matthew, A Kadyakapita, M Slabbert, C A Hankins, W D F Venter, G B Gomez 994-999
Vulvar cancer is not a disease of the elderly: Treatment and outcome at a tertiary referral centre in South Africa PDF
J L Butt, M H Botha 1000-1004
Near-miss maternal morbidity from severe haemorrhage at caesarean section: A process and structure audit of system deficiencies in South Africa PDF
T S Maswime, E Buchmann 1005-1009
Cost awareness among healthcare professionals at a South African hospital: A cross-sectional survey PDF
G D Nethathe, S Tshukutsoane, K J Denny 1010-1014
Development and validation of a method to estimate body weight in critically ill children using length and mid-arm circumference measurements: The PAWPER XL-MAC system PDF
M Wells, L N Goldstein, A Bentley 1015-1021
Endoscopy services in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, are insufficient for the burden of disease: Is patient care compromised? PDF
E Loots, D L Clarke, K Newton, C J Mulder 1022-1025


CPD questionnaire PDF