Vol 104, No 9 (2014)

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From the Editor

Reflections … they called it ‘restructuring’ PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 590

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 591-592


Rationing healthcare in South Africa: Renal replacement therapy – a case in point PDF HTML
June Fabian, Russell Britz, Anna Sparaco, Shoyab Wadee, Errol Gottlich, Tina Sideris 593
Improved surgical output in district hospitals relies more on softer ingredients than on formal postgraduate training time PDF HTML
Kenneth Beviss-Challinor 593-594
Access to flucytosine for HIV-infected patients with cryptococcal meningitis - an urgent need PDF HTML
Nelesh Premapragasan Govender, Graeme Meintjes, Shabir Banoo 594-595
Shielding blood donors from harm PDF HTML
Charlotte Felicity Ingram, Gregory Bellairs 595-596


CoN – lifeline for patients, noose for healthcare providers? PDF HTML
Promote cheaper generic drugs to patients – and help contain medical inflation PDF HTML
Breaching the chasm between what’s law and what’s done … PDF HTML


Bernard Mandell PDF HTML
David Mandell 601-602
Jean Mary Sharpe, 1929 - 2014 PDF HTML
Noelene Ballot 602

Book reviews

Doctors Without Borders: Humanitarian Quests, Impossible Dreams of Médecins Sans Frontières. By Renee C Fox. Baltimore, Md: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014. ISBN 9781421413549 PDF HTML
Solomon Benatar 603


Simplifying trauma airway management in South African rural hospitals PDF HTML
Michael Berry, Darryl Wood 604-606
Should HIV be a notifiable disease? Old questions with some new arguments PDF HTML
W D F Venter, Andrew Black, Lucy Allias, Marlise Richter 607-609
Preventing hepatitis B and hepatocellular carcinoma in South Africa: The case for a birth-dose vaccine PDF HTML
C W N Spearman, Mark W Sonderup 610-612


The state of our prisons and what this reveals about our society PDF HTML
Solomon Benatar 613-614


Utilisation of prehospital intravenous access PDF HTML
B H Bester, Simpiwe Sobuwa 615-618
The pharmacoeconomics of routine postoperative troponin surveillance to prevent and treat myocardial infarction after non-cardiac surgery PDF HTML
Alex Torborg, Lisa Ryan, Gary Kantor, Bruce M Biccard 619-623
A survey on the treatment of atrial fibrillation in South Africa PDF HTML
R M Jardine, Jennifer Fine, I W P Obel 623-627
Investigating hepatitis B immunity in patients presenting to a paediatric haematology and oncology unit in South Africa PDF HTML
Ane Büchner, Fareed Ebrahim Omar, Johani Vermeulen, David T Reynders 628-631
Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Gauteng on the decline: Experience at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa PDF HTML
Antoinette Myrna Cilliers 632-634


CPD Questionnaire PDF

Continuing Medical Education

Women's health and human rights PDF HTML
R Burton, Letitia Acquah 635
Obstetric medicine: Interlinking obstetrics and internal medicine PDF HTML
L Acquah, R Burton 636-639
Papshop: Not a ‘melon’choly Pap smear workshop! PDF HTML
C Gordon 640
Pregnancy and cardiac disease PDF HTML
C Elliott, K Sliwa, R Burton 641
Pregnancy and the kidneys PDF HTML
N Wearne 642
Rheumatic diseases and pregnancy PDF HTML
A Gcelu 643
Contraception: Everyone's responsibility PDF HTML
M Patel 644