Vol 103, No 9 (2013)

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Guest Editorial

Ensuring equitable access to high quality care: The task of uplifting trauma care in rural and district hospitals PDF HTML
Damian Luiz Clarke 588

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 589-590


Starch safety in resuscitation PDF HTML
R Eric Hodgson, Guy Richards, A Christina Lundgren, Maryke Spruyt, Jan P Pretorius, L Rudo Mathiva, Roger Dickerson, P Dean Gopalan, Michael F M James, Ivan A Joubert, Jenna L Piercy, Andy Parrish, Mark Blockman 591-595
Poisoning and pesticides PDF HTML
Leslie London, Hanna-Andrea Rother 595-596
Prediction equations for spirometry in South Africa PDF HTML
Coenraad Frederik N Koegelenberg, Francois Swart, Elvis M Irusen 597
Temperature regulation in emergency, surgical and critical care PDF HTML
Timothy Craig Hardcastle, Melanie Stander, R Eric Hodgson, Dean Gopalan, Nicky Kalafatis 598


HIV-prevention studies: Educate smarter, boost women’s earning power PDF HTML
Drug stock-outs: Inept supply-chain management and corruption PDF HTML
Doctor shortages: Unpacking the ‘Cuban solution’ PDF HTML
An inside view: A Cuban trainee’s journey PDF HTML


Harold Victor Forbes Jordaan PDF HTML
Chantal Juanita Stewart, Edward Coetzee 607


The dilemma of treating major burns in South Africa PDF HTML
H Rode, A Rogers, S Adams, W Kleintjes, L Whitelock-Jones, A Muganza, N Allorto 608-609
External patient temperature control in emergency centres, trauma centres, intensive care units and operating theatres: A multi-society literature review PDF HTML
Timothy Craig Hardcastle, Melanie Stander, Nicola Kalafatis, R Eric Hodgson, Dean Gopalan 609-611


‘We don’t see that in South Africa’ PDF HTML
John Frean, Marc Mendelson 612
Traumatic brain injury: The South African landscape PDF HTML
Dinesh Naidoo 613-614
The promotion of road safety by healthcare professionals in South Africa PDF HTML
Marion Sinclair 614-615


Heart Failure Society of South Africa (HeFSSA) perspective on the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2012 chronic heart failure guideline PDF ALGORITHM HTML
M T Mpe, E Q Klug, K S Silwa, J Hitzeroth, D A Smith 660-667


CPD questionnaire PDF