Vol 103, No 7 (2013)

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From the Editor

The 'boom' in medical malpractice claims – patients could be the losers PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 433

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 434


Affordability of National Health Insurance … and definition of a billion PDF HTML
Jennifer Margaret Edge, Stephen A Craven 435
Who will do an ERCP on me when I'm retired? PDF HTML
Chris Ziady, Robert Bond, Chuka Nwokolo, Chris Jacobus Johannes Mulder 435
Legality of circumcision in South Africa PDF HTML
Peter S Millard, Norman Goldstuck 436
Impact and cost of algorithms for the diagnosis of adults with pulmonary tuberculosis in South Africa PDF HTML
Kathryn Schnippel, Lawrence Long, Gesine Meyer-Rath, Ian Sanne, Sydney Rosen, Wendy Stevens 436
Academy of Science of South Africa launches a mapping survey of life science research and diagnostic activity in South Africa PDF HTML
L Bezuidenhout, C Gould, J Farrant 437
Justice through the J88: The doctor's role in the criminal justice system PDF HTML
Kirsten Rowe, Hendrik Botha, Hassan Mahomed, Arina Schlemmer 437
Audit of medical records: Use of a structured form in emergency departments PDF HTML
F Motara, A Bentley, Z Mahomed, M Moolla, A Laher, B Sparks 438


A physicians ‘quality of presence’ - a vital therapeutic tool PDF HTML
How big pharma and regulators fail clinicians PDF HTML
Karabus saga raises wider issues PDF HTML
Regulatory environment needs a shake-up - Broomberg PDF HTML


Edward Joseph (Joe) Stewart PDF HTML
Chantal Juanita Stewart 446
Francois Johannes Andries Smit PDF HTML
Edgar Swart 446


Evidence-based medicine – are we boiling the frog? PDF HTML
David James Jackson Muckart 447-448
Diabetic retinopathy – the Ophthalmology Society of Southern Africa screening programme PDF HTML
Stephen Paul Cook 449-451
Increasing pathology utilisation lies behind increasing pathology costs PDF HTML
Meriel Lawrie, Andrew Good 451-452


The importance of comprehensive protection in today’s healthcare environment PDF HTML
Graham Robert Howarth, Stephanie Bown, Sarah Whitehouse 453-454
Diabetes care in South Africa: A tale of two sectors PDF HTML
S Landau, W May 454-455
Otorhinolaryngology – not just tonsils and grommets: Insights into the ENT scene in South Africa PDF HTML
Shazia Peer 455-457


The Biosulin equivalence in standard therapy (BEST) study − a multicentre, open-label, non-randomised, interventional, observational study in subjects using Biosulin 30/70 for the treatment of insulin-dependent type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus PDF HTML
David Grant Segal, Daniela Tupy, Larry A Distiller 458-460
Exponential increase in postprandial blood-glucose exposure with increasing carbohydrate loads using a linear carbohydrate-to-insulin ratio PDF HTML
Kerry Joan Marran, Beverley Davey, Alison Lang, David Grant Segal 461-463
Otolaryngological, head and neck manifestations in HIV-infected patients seen at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa PDF HTML
Mashudu Tshifularo, Lubendran Govender, Glen Monama 464-466
Paediatric chronic suppurative otitis media in the Free State Province: Clinical and audiological features PDF HTML
Nicholaas J Tiedt, Iain R Butler, Ute M Hallbauer, Mark D Atkins, Eugenne Elliott, Madelein Pieters, Gina Joubert, Riaz Y Seedat 467-470
Chronic otorrhoea: Spectrum of microorganisms and antibiotic sensitivity in a South African cohort PDF HTML
E Meyer, A Whitelaw, O Edkins, J J Fagan 471-473
The age of diagnosis of congenital hearing loss in Universitas Hospital PDF HTML
Iain R Butler, Selma Basson, Eunike Britz, Roan De Wet, Ge B Korsten, Gina Joubert 474-475
NDM-1 imported from India – first reported case in South Africa PDF HTML
C N Govind, K Moodley, A K Peer, N Pillay, C Maske, C Wallis, R Viana, A Chetty, O Perovic 476-478
Decline in adolescent treatment admissions for methamphetamine use in Cape Town PDF HTML
Andreas Pluddemann, Siphokazi Dada, Charles Parry 478-480
Health conditions and support needs of persons living in residential facilities for adults with intellectual disability in Western Cape Province PDF HTML
Judith A Mckenzie, Roy McConkey, Colleen M Adnams 481-484
A case for revising the strength of the relationship between childhood asthma and atopy in the developing world PDF HTML
Salome Abbott, Carla Els, Lauren Boonzaaier, Piet Becker, Robin J Green 485-488
Health risks of the clean-shave chiskop haircut PDF HTML
Nonhlanhla P Khumalo, Nomphelo Gantsho, Freedom Gumedze, Thami Mthebe 489-490
Participant verification: Prevention of co-enrolment in clinical trials in South Africa PDF HTML
Charlene Harichund, Kumeshini Haripersad, Gita Ramjee 491-493


CPD questionnaire PDF