Vol 102, No 8 (2012)

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From the Editor

Internship and community service require revision PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 638

Editor's choice

Editors' choice PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 639


Sudden cardiac arrest in the young – a call to action PDF HTML
Jaco Abri Slabbert, Leon de Klerk 640
Register on the Mental Health Information Centre of Southern Africa database PDF HTML
Janine Roos 640
Is Hahnemann's therapeutic system a mystica? PDF HTML
Herman Jeggels, reply by JP van Niekerk 640-641
The occupational illnesses of grandparents PDF HTML
Robin John Green, Dee Green 641-642
The South African paediatric tumour registry – 25 years of activity PDF HTML
Danuta Kielkowski, Elvira Singh, Kerry Wilson, Chantal Babb, Margaret Urban, Patricia Kellett 642


Teenage pregnancies/HIV prevention – doctors help fill official hiatus PDF HTML
Government could help prison TB victims - activists PDF HTML
Local fetal alcohol syndrome pioneer wins global award PDF HTML
High MDRTB risk for healthcare workers ‘unnecessary’ PDF HTML


John Leslie Eidelman PDF HTML
Irvine Jack Eidelman 650

Book reviews

Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa: Insights from Brain and Behavioural Sciences PDF HTML
Arvin Bhana 651


Prevention of infective endocarditis in developing countries - justifiable caution? PDF HTML
Andy Parrish, Breminand Maharaj 652-654
Slaves of the state - medical internship and community service in South Africa PDF HTML
Nicolette Erasmus 655-658
A Somalia mission experience PDF HTML
Zeyn Mahomed, Muhammad Moolla, Feroza Motara, Abdullah Laher 659-660
Loeys-Dietz syndrome: A possible solution for Akhenaten’s and his family’s mystery syndrome PDF HTML
Ahad Eshraghian, Bart Loeys 661-664
Ascites as an initial presentation of spontaneously ruptured hydatid cyst PDF HTML
Ibrahim Halil Turkbeyler, Taner Babacan, Ismail Dilli, Ayhan Balkan, M Sait Dag, Abdurrahman Kadayifçi 664


Solar ultraviolet radiation exposure and human health in South Africa: Finding a balance PDF HTML
Caradee Y Wright, Mary Norval, Beverley Summers, Lester M Davids, Gerrie Coetzee, Matthew Oriowo 665-666
Moving beyond access: Towards a quality-orientated substance abuse treatment system in South Africa PDF HTML
Bronwyn Myers, Zaino Petersen, Rehana Kader, Charles D H Parry 667-668


Foreign advertisements for doctors in the SAMJ 2006 - 2010 PDF HTML
Yoswa M Dambisya, Malema H Mamabolo 669-672
Osteosarcoma presentation stages at a tumour unit in South Africa PDF HTML
Nando Ferreira, Leonard Charles Marais 673-676
Plasma sarcosine does not distinguish early and advanced stages of prostate cancer PDF HTML
L Bohm, A M Serafin, P Fernandez, G Van der Watt, P J D Bouic, J Harvey 677-679
Profile of cause of death assigned to adults on antiretroviral therapy in Soweto PDF HTML
Alan S Karstaedt 680-682
Inherited polyglutamine spinocerebellar ataxias in South Africa PDF HTML
D C Smith, A Bryer, L M Watson, L J Greenberg 683-686
Traditional eye medication and pterygium occurrence in Limpopo Province PDF HTML
Peter Anguria, Sam Ntuli, Bozenna Interewicz, Trevor Carmichael 687-690
Do South African universities provide the required training platforms for otolaryngology specialist training? PDF HTML
Shazia Peer, Johan Fagan 691-692


Allergic rhinitis in South Africa: 2012 guidelines PDF HTML
R J Green, M Hockman, R Friedman, E Vardas, P Cole, A Halkas, C Feldman 693-696
South African guidelines for the management of Gaucher disease, 2011 PDF HTML
Louisa Bhengu, Alan Davidson, Paul du Toit, Trevor Gerntholtz, Kenny Govendragaloo, Rene Heitner, Bertram Donald Henderson, Lawrence Mubaiwa, Sheeba Varughese 697-702


50th SAGES/SASES Congress, 9 - 11 August 2012, Durban, South Africa PDF HTML


CPD Questionnaire PDF