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Vol 102, No 5 (2012)

• A beacon of hope at last? 274
• Rational use of isotretinoin in acne 282
• Scholarship success 288
• Obesity in childhood 289, 295
• Guidelines for management of neuropathic pain 312

Vol 102, No 4 (2012)

• Handicapped in the ‘sticks’ – policy the real disability 200
• Diagnosis by nose 231
• Blood culture audits valuable at peripheral hospitals 232
• Human resources for health research in Africa 236
• A simple new vision score for prostate symptoms 245
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Vol 102, No 3 (2012)

• HPCSA: security and quicker registration remain elusive 115
• Validity of sick certificates from traditional health practitioners 129
• Medical terms in African languages 132
• Cataract surgery improves care of orphans 140
• Nurses risk acquiring blood-borne virus infection 153
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Vol 102, No 2 (2012)

• Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV progress 81
• Nurse initiation and maintenance of ART 98
• Cell phone text messages as a learning tool 100
• Equivalent efficacy of generic ceftriaxone 102
• Acute infective diarrhoea/gastroenteritis in infants 104
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Vol 102, No 1 (2012)

HIV prevention – blazing carrots, cracking whips
‘Saviour siblings’ and the law
Hypertension in goldminers
How well do nurse prescribers manage HIV?
Treating crush syndrome in the rural setting


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Vol 101, No 12 (2011)

Bridging the public/private health divide
Malaria risk - be warned!
Auditing TB/HIV/STI care in rural districts
How useful is routine lab testing in acute-onset psychosis?
Safety of PSA administered by medical officers
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Vol 101, No 11 (2011)

Foreign-qualified colleagues — ‘them’ or ‘us’?
Reducing necrotising enterocolitis
Prisons and the TB time bomb
Climate change and health
Adult chronic myeloid leukaemia guideline
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Vol 101, No 10 (2011)

• HR crisis - overwhelmed not an option
• South Africa’s drug policy should be revised
• Addressing problem gambling
• Silver for burns - when cheap is expensive
• Knowing cost of lab tests saves expenditure
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Vol 101, No 9 (2011)

• Caring for public health managers reaps dividends 618
• Screening for prostatic cancer 634, 642
• HIV and antiretroviral therapy 645, 651, 655
• Can reactive vaccination control cholera outbreaks? 659
• Detecting hearing loss in the newborn 665
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Vol 101, No 8 (2011)

Testing Aaron’s hearing skills
Cataract surgery – failing to meet its targets
South Africa needs more doctors
Lessons from the 2009 measles epidemic
Evaluating paediatric pain incidence and management
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Vol 101, No 7 (2011)

NHI: Does state need private sector help?
A blinding abdominal pain
Optimal sizes of hospitals
HIV/AIDS increases use of blood products
South African Indian genetic disorders
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Vol 101, No 6 (2011)

• Anti-corruption torchbearers in health
• Immediate HIV treatment saves costs
• Dilated cardiomyopathy
• Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
• MRSA increase in Botswana
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Vol 101, No 5 (2011)

• Nowhere to hide for hospital managers
• Does vaginal delivery require consent?
• Drug administration errors
• Antimicrobial resistance patterns
• Stroke diagnosis and management
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Vol 101, No 4 (2011)

Indemnity cover hikes
Cryptococcal meningitis
Reducing malaria deaths with parenteral artesunate
Race in biomedical research
Does testing TB patients for HIV improve access to ART?
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Vol 101, No 3 (2011)

Jo'burg's tertiary hospital - belt tightening chokes efficacy
Trauma - and more trauma
Disclosure of child murder - an ethical research dilemma
The rat lung-worm in South Africa
Phaechromocytoma - 30-year audit
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Vol 101, No 2 (2011)

Gender dysphoria - attitudes and ignorance
The research that led to heart transplantation
TB - control failure and prison effects
Burnout of junior doctors
HIV, low BMI and cardiomyopathy
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Vol 101, No 1 (2011)

HIV/AIDS in Zimbambwe dropping like a stone
Informed consent for vaginal deliveries?
Appropriate medical education
Down syndrome
Ecological factors and blindness


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Vol 100, No 12 (2010)

NHI - sufficient human, financial and management capacity?
South Africa's health priorities - policies and practice
Prenatal alcohol exposure and abruptio placentae
Optimal use of blood cultures
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic pancreatitis
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Vol 100, No 11 (2010)

MPS regulatory drama
Research ethics guidelines: SA versus the USA
Maternal deaths associated with eclampsia
helicobacter pylori in the Eastern Cape
Stroke guideline
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Vol 100, No 10 (2010)

Quo vadis health care quality assurance?
MPS and the new medical indemnity regulations
Rethinking home testing for HIV
Mental health requires advocacy
Shallow-water diving injuries
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Vol 100, No 9 (2010)

Porn - a threat to child development?
Ethical issues raised by the SAPIT study
Gender-based violence
Where is the 'planning' in family planning services
Clinical prediction of a low CD4 count
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Vol 100, No 8 (2010)

No 'political deals' for unlucky few striker-doctors: HPCSA
Haiti: South Africa reflections
The four pillars of rheumatic heart disease control
Paradoxical reduction in upper genital tract infection
Canada's health care system for South Africa?
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Vol 100, No 7 (2010)

Gauteng - corruption in health services
Subcutaneous fractionated heparin in venous thrombo-embolism
Anaemia in children in Limpopo
Testicular cancer in an African developing country
Snakebite in India
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Vol 100, No 6 (2010)

Neglect of South Africa's water and sanitation system
Somerset Hospital - South Africa's oldest hospital
Mercury exposure and small-scale goldmining
HIV, TB and warfarin-induced skin necrosis
Cryptococcal meningitis - inadequate prophylaxis
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Vol 100, No 5 (2010)

Pupils hooked by hookah smoking
Imported malaria
Dosage adjustment in renal impairment
Caessarean section - local anaesthetic pain relief
Acute viral bronchiolitis guideline

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