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Vol 100, No 12 (2010)

NHI - sufficient human, financial and management capacity?
South Africa's health priorities - policies and practice
Prenatal alcohol exposure and abruptio placentae
Optimal use of blood cultures
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic pancreatitis
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Vol 100, No 11 (2010)

MPS regulatory drama
Research ethics guidelines: SA versus the USA
Maternal deaths associated with eclampsia
helicobacter pylori in the Eastern Cape
Stroke guideline
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Vol 100, No 10 (2010)

Quo vadis health care quality assurance?
MPS and the new medical indemnity regulations
Rethinking home testing for HIV
Mental health requires advocacy
Shallow-water diving injuries
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Vol 100, No 9 (2010)

Porn - a threat to child development?
Ethical issues raised by the SAPIT study
Gender-based violence
Where is the 'planning' in family planning services
Clinical prediction of a low CD4 count
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Vol 100, No 8 (2010)

No 'political deals' for unlucky few striker-doctors: HPCSA
Haiti: South Africa reflections
The four pillars of rheumatic heart disease control
Paradoxical reduction in upper genital tract infection
Canada's health care system for South Africa?
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Vol 100, No 7 (2010)

Gauteng - corruption in health services
Subcutaneous fractionated heparin in venous thrombo-embolism
Anaemia in children in Limpopo
Testicular cancer in an African developing country
Snakebite in India
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Vol 100, No 6 (2010)

Neglect of South Africa's water and sanitation system
Somerset Hospital - South Africa's oldest hospital
Mercury exposure and small-scale goldmining
HIV, TB and warfarin-induced skin necrosis
Cryptococcal meningitis - inadequate prophylaxis
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Vol 100, No 5 (2010)

Pupils hooked by hookah smoking
Imported malaria
Dosage adjustment in renal impairment
Caessarean section - local anaesthetic pain relief
Acute viral bronchiolitis guideline
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Vol 100, No 4 (2010)

Vuvuzelas blast hearing
HIV progress: Nurse-initiated treatment and provider-initiated testing
Sex and the soccer World Cup
Rugby cervical spine injuries
Community health care workers at risk for TB
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Vol 100, No 3 (2010)

Air in the wrong place is dangerous
Bloemfontein bugs - allergens in the Free State
Is endoscopy outreach worthwhile?
Herpes zoster and Hutchinson's sign
Investigating South African smokers and drinkers
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Vol 100, No 2 (2010)

Does the vuvuzela harm hearing
Improving rural perinatal outcomes
FAST scanning assists trauma management
Brits Hospital move compromises patient care
Malaria control: DDT safe for liver
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Vol 100, No 1 (2010)

Did Julius Caesar have a brain tumour?
Cosmetic contact lenses and bacterial keratitis
HIV vaccine trials: HIV prevention responsibilities
Helicobacter pylori: Prevalence and treatment susceptibility
Trichomoniasis treatment in pregnancy and infant outcome


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Vol 99, No 12 (2009)

More on circumcision
News on National Health Insurance
Anaemia in Uganda
Caesarean section and respiratory morbidity
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Vol 99, No 11 (2009)

Rapid testing for malaria
Drug resistance cmpromises MDR/XDR-TB treatment
How has the OSD affected state hospitals?
Severe snakebites: Treatment and outcome
Use of lead-based paint on playground equipment
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Vol 99, No 10 (2009)

Antiretroviral treatment programme for children
National Health Insurance prerequisites
Childhood tuberculosis
Declining tobacco use
Parkinson's disease - treatment guideline
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Vol 99, No 9 (2009)

Good data for health
Occupational-specific dispensation
Preventable tracheal stenosis
Understanding male circumcision
Latex rubber allergenicity
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Vol 99, No 8 (2009)

Stroke in the community
Clean water woes
Swine flu update
Thoracic surgical research in decline
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Vol 99, No 7 (2009)

Rubella - an impending Greek tragedy?
Normalisation of deviance and medicines regulation
Fluid creep in major burns
HIV prevalence and severe mental illness
Diagnostic testing in allergy
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Vol 99, No 6 (2009)

Off-label drug use
Aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss
Stunting in preschool children
Predicting fetal weight in labour at term
Venous thromboembolism - prophylaxis and treatment
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Vol 99, No 5 (2009)

Measles outbreak
No pay, no cure - can our hospitals be salvaged?
Mao Tse-tung - his habits and his health
Paediatric liver transplantation
Psychiatric disorders in South Africa: The SASH survey
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Vol 99, No 4 (2009)

Rugby union injuries
Assisting Zimbabwean medical students
Vasectomy - complications and results
Infantile rotavirus diarrhoea
Peadiatric ventilator-associated pneumonia
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Vol 99, No 3 (2009)

More circumcisions
Letlape resigns as SAMA chairman
Rough community justice
Cellphone thumb
Growth hormone guideline
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Vol 99, No 2 (2009)

BCG and HIV: To give or not to give?
Myths about the Child Support Grant
Maternal anaemia, preterm delivery and low birth weight
Surgeons and HIV attitudes
Tube thoracostomy complications
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Vol 99, No 1 (2009)

Haemorrhoids - what op?
Compulsory HIV testing of sex offenders
Marinus van den Ende
Importance of rural origin students
Hypoalbuminaemia plays a minor role in oedema


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Vol 98, No 12 (2008)

Ownership of professional turf
Fair payment for trial participants
HIV antenatal prevalence challenged
Peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis
PAD: predicting walking intolerance

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