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Vol 106, No 3 (2016)


Is South Africa at risk for Zika virus disease?

Mitochondrial donation to patients with mitochondrial

DNA disease


Cardiology (part 3)


Amendments to the Sexual Offences Act: Implications for

doctors and researchers

Case Report: A subepidermal blistering disorder


BRCA founder mutation in high-risk Afrikaner families

Hereditary cancers – do GPs have a knowledge gap?

Point-of-care INR monitoring

The Phoenix Lifestyle Project

Health risks to the elderly living near mine dumps


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Vol 106, No 2 (2016)


Strengthening surgical research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa – collaboration is key


National Forum on Surgery and Anaesthesia

Biological sample export from SA – bioexploitation


Cardiology (part 2)


Chronic kidney disease – transplantation the answer


Choose your hospital for survival in emergency intraperitoneal surgery

Intussusception in the developing world: The Baragwanath experience

Dedicated paediatric burns units key to saving lives, but in short supply

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Vol 106, No 1 (2016)




Treatment of type 2 diabetes: The challenges of hypeglycaemia and hypoglycaemia

Guest Editorial



World Bank smoke and mirriors

In Practice 

Kangaroo mother care

Lower limb weakness: Screen for porphyria


Failure to administer fibrinolytic therapy for AMI

Four-dose HBV vaccination for SA'S babes!


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Vol 105, No 12 (2015)

Climate change and health 

Ebola – views from the field and ethical challenges 

Should doctors sue patients? 

#FeesMustFall and universal health coverage

Health risks of excess solar UV radiation – our children are ignorant! 

Outbreak of carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae

HIV viral load measurement on dried blood spots 

PET-CT evaluation of pulmonary mass lesions in a TB-endemic area 

CME: Rheumatology

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Vol 105, No 11 (2015)

The power of vaccination 

Efavirenz as a cause of ataxia in children

Screening for hearing impairment in children 

Time for ‘basic antenatal care plus’? 

Missing essentials and desirables for family planning

HPV vaccine roll-out continues

Anti-vaccination lobbying on the South African internet

First report from the South African Children’s Tumour Registry 

CME: Adolescent health

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Vol 105, No 10 (2015)

South Africa’s fourth epidemic: The ugly face of trauma

• Paediatric polytrauma – pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions 823

• Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and interpersonal violence (IPV) 827

• Road traffic crashes as the cause of major incidents 831

• Spinal cord injury due to MVAs and IPV 835

• Fatal community assault 848

Inappropriate use of emergency medical services in KZN 844

Emergency centres and TB transmission risks 862

CME: Case reports

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Vol 105, No 9 (2015)

  • Ebola and the haemorrhagic fevers 
  • Endoscopic lung volume reduction for severe emphysema 
  • Bronchial thermoplasty in the management of severe asthma
  • Anticoagulation of pregnant patients with mechanical heart valves 
  • Gender and sexual diversity 
  • POC testing of diabetic ketoacidosis 
  • Time to implement infant HIV testing at 9 months? 
  • CME: update on COPD
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Vol 105, No 8 (2015)

  • Anterior chamber paracentesis in Mx of infectious uveitis 
  • Contributions of SA’s first black doctors 
  • Tobacco use in SA 
  • Time to regard HIV as a chronic condition
  • One NCD begets another
  • Carcinogenic nitrosamines and Ca oesophagus
  • Mental health burden of ‘tik’ users
  • CME: Fits, faints and funny turns
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Vol 105, No 7 (2015)

  • Doctor-assisted suicide 
  • Cause-of-death information – key to public health action 
  • Social franchising primary healthcare clinics – a model for NHI?
  • Introducing the ‘Cochrane Corner’
  • Fibrinolytics for empyema
  • Reducing neonatal bloodstream infections
  • What do maternal ‘near misses’ tell us? 
  • CME: Nutrition of infants and toddlers
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Vol 105, No 6 (2015)

  • A good complaints system – solution to SA’s medicolegal mayhem? 
  • Non-alcohol-related Wernicke’s encephalopathy
  • Repair of laparoscopic bile duct injuries 
  • Management of burns begins at home … with prehospital cooling 
  • Paediatric dental chair sedation 
  • The South African Surgical Outcomes Study
  • Acute preoperative beta-blockade harms hypertensive vascular surgery patients 
  • Predictors at diagnosis for poor-outcome severe Crohn’s disease
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Vol 105, No 5 (2015)

  • Antimicrobial resistance 
  • The menacing bread tag
  • Recommendations for treatment of URTIs
  • Community- v. healthcare-acquired bloodstream infections 
  • Rheumatic heart disease in Africa
  • Severity-of-illness score to predict death of TB patients in the ICU
  • Diabetes management in children 
  • Current role of splenectomy for ITP
  • CME: Antibiotic stewardship
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Vol 105, No 4 (2015)

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  • Basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal care 
  • Optimal staffing to ensure safe maternity units 
  • Food insecurity in urban South Africa 
  • Management of obstetric haemorrhage 
  • MMed supervision – a path out of the swamp 
  • Caesarean section and maternal death – latest Saving Mothers report 
  • Intrapartum asphyxia and hypoxic encephalopathy 
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Vol 105, No 3 (2015)

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  • Over-servicing’, ‘under servicing’ and abandonment’: What is the law? 
  • Care and prevention of congenital disorders
  • Dementia in rural South Africa 
  • Two-dose HPV vaccination is sufficient
  • Traumatic brain injury, the hidden pandemic
  • Kidney disease in methamphetamine users 
  • Emergency care research priorities 
  • CME: Diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease
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Vol 105, No 2 (2015)

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  • Digitalis reappraised 
  • Quality improvement ‘tool’ for trauma services 
  • The South African National Cancer Registry 
  • End-stage kidney disease and HIV positivity 
  • Linking cervical cancer screening to HPV vaccination 
  • Predictors of mortality following non-cardiac surgery 
  • Human myiasis
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Vol 105, No 1 (2015)

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  • The humanistic side of medical education  
  • Medical certification of death 
  • The iPhone as a screening tool for deafness 
  • The HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer Screen (VACCS) project 
  • Severe blunt thoracic trauma: Differences between adults and children 
  • CME: Food allergy


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Vol 104, No 12 (2014)

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  • Amniocentesis and risk of HIV transmission 
  • Call for neonatal premedication prior to intubation
  • Early detection of retinoblastoma 
  • Why aren’t women getting safe abortions? 
  • Increased MTCT of HIV in adolescent pregnancy 
  • VTE – pro ling of patient risk 
  • CME: Tuberculosis and HIV
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Vol 104, No 11 (2014)

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  • Mediation, not litigation 
  • Ebola – update on the epidemic 
  • New editors for SAJCH and SAJOG  
  • Blood-borne infections in healthcare workers  
  • Consequences of increasing medical negligence litigation  
  • Recommendations for the management of sickle cell disease 
  • Khat (Catha edulis) chewing and orodental health 
  • CME: Immunology  
  • Surgical aspects of liver disease in children
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Vol 104, No 10 (2014)

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  • NCDs – the looming epidemic 
  • Preventing diabetic blindness 
  • Migrant health 
  • Glucocorticoids and lipid metabolism 
  • Sexual health of adolescents 
  • Cardiovascular risk in urban South Africans 
  • CME: Atopic dermatitis
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Vol 104, No 9 (2014)

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  • Hepatitis B vaccine at birth to prevent hepatocellular carcinoma 
  • Health in SA prisons – on the anniversary of Biko’s death 
  • Troponin surveillance after non-cardiac surgery 
  • Treatments for atrial fibrillation 
  • Hepatitis B immunity in children in oncology units 
  • Rheumatic heart disease on the decline 
  • CME: Medical management of pregnancy
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Vol 104, No 8 (2014)

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  • HPV vaccination debated 
  • Menopausal hormone therapy
  • Medical evaluation of children prior to adoption 
  • Reporting of child abuse 
  • Ebola – what you need to know 
  • Geophagia in pregnancy 
  • Loss of detectability of HIV with cART in infants 
  • CME: Climate change and health
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Vol 104, No 7 (2014)

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  • Strengthening Health Systems – new HMPG journal to be launched 
  • Government expenditure on health research
  • More on RWOPS 
  • Antimicrobial resistance: The South African context
  • Smoking cessation after acute coronary syndrome 
  • Predicting outcome in traumatic brain injury 
  • CME: Paediatric palliative care
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Vol 104, No 6 (2014)

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  • Legalising medical use of cannabis
  • SAMA – past, present and future 
  • Founder genes and Parkinson’s disease
  • Children’s eyes and ears 
  • ART initiation targets
  • CME: Sexual health in the South African context 
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Vol 104, No 5 (2014)

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  • Fracking and health 
  • Odyssean and imported malaria 
  • INH prophylaxis – the pros 
  • A visual prostate symptom instrument
  • Oral and oropharyngeal HPV 
  • Do HR practices drive doctors from the public health sector? 
  • CME: Breast cancer
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Vol 104, No 4 (2014)

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  • The Teddy Bear Clinic Constitutional Court case 
  • Dangers of children swallowing magnetic beads
  • Safety of osteoporosis medication
  • Neurological manifestations of the acute porphyrias
  • SciELO (SA) – enhancing visibility of SA research
  • CME: Spina bifida

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