Vol 100, No 2 (2010)

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From the Editor

‘Truth’ in medical journal publishing PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 71-72

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 73


State hospitals, academic medicine and the decline of health care in South Africa: A cry of support from those who have left for those who stay. PDF
Andrew C Don-Wauchope, Andreas Karas, Vasudhevan T Chetty, Howard K Davidson, Raymond Gottschalk, Eugenii A Rabiner, Flora Sam, Garth P Sommerville, Jina Swartz, Adie Viljoen 74-75


Evidence of doctors' health minister at last PDF
Bridging the divide – anthropologist/sangoma challenges delegates PDF
Lack of oversight on progressive laws fuelling HIV PDF
Male circumcision roll-out certain – now for ‘the how’ PDF


Teomar Heyl PDF
Edgar Swart 92
Tshimbi Mathivha PDF
Abdul Sater Mitha 92-93


Recommendations pertaining to the use of viral vaccines: Influenza 2010 PDF
Department of Health 88-89
Intestinal pseudo-obstruction: The massive abdomen and the red herring PDF
P Naidoo, S Schwartz, S Murphy, R D Mohanlal, H Greeves 90-91
Partial flap avulsion following refractive surgery PDF
Roland R Berger, M D Williams, Clive A Novis 91


Africa’s burden of disease: The University of Cape Town Sub-Saharan Africa Centre for Chronic Disease PDF
K C Househam 94-95

Scientific letters

HIV-positive kidney transplants for HIV-positive individuals: Attitudes and concerns of South African patients and health care workers PDF
Suzanne Gokool, June Fabian, W D Francois Venter, Catherine MacPhail, Saraladevi Naicker 96-98
Vuvuzela - good for your team, bad for your ears PDF
De Wet Swanepoel, James W Hall, Dirk Koekemoer 99-100

Original articles

Are we winning? Improving perinatal outcomes at a deeply rural district hospital in South Africa PDF
C Benjamin Gaunt 101-104
FAST scanning in the developing world emergency department PDF
Zoe Smith, Naas Postma, Darryl Wood 105-108
The consequences upon patient care of moving Brits Hospital: A case study PDF
C A Pfaff, I D Couper 109-112
Cancer prevalence in 129 breast-ovarian cancer families tested for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations PDF
C M Schlebusch, G Dreyer, M D Sluiter, T M Yawitch, H J van den Berg, E J van Rensburg 113-117
Plasma levels of DDT/DDE and liver function in malaria control personnel 6 months after indoor residual spraying with DDT in northern Uganda, 2008 PDF
G S Bimenya, M Harabulema, J P Okot, Olwa Francis, Myers Lugemwa, A L Okwi 118-121
Carboxyhaemoglobin levels in water-pipe and cigarette smokers PDF
Ansa Theron, Cedric Schultz, James A Ker, Nadia Falzone 122-124


CPD Questionnaire PDF