Vol 99, No 2 (2009)

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From the Editor

In favour of shorter medical training PDF
JP van Niekerk 69

Editor's choice

Editors choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 71


HIV prevalence among medical students in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
Patrick P Keller, Kerrigan Mary McCarthy, Thabo Mosendane, Mercia Tellie, Willem DF Venter, Lara Noble, Lesley Scott, Wendy Stevens, Annelies Van Rie 72
Blood Alternative Product: Correction regarding Jehovah's Witnesses PDF
Frans Muller 74


Health services battle as KZN's budget implodes PDF
Treat all HIV positive people - and bury the pandemic in 14 years PDF
Foreign funding boost for nursing expertise PDF
Quit Smoking remedies hot favourites for EDL list PDF


David Levy PDF
Solly Robert Benatar 92
Gerald Lapinsky PDF
Stephen E Lapinsky 92
Hayman Solomon Berkowitz PDF
I J Movson 93


Influenza vaccine strains - 2009 PDF
Irma Latsky 87
BCG vaccination in South African HIV-exposed infants: Risks and benefits PDF
Anneke C Hesseling 88


Bread, baby shoes or blusher? Myths about social grants and “lazy” young mothers PDF
Marlise Linda Richter 94

Scientific letters

Prevalence of Gastric Mucosal Interleukin 1 Polymorphisms in Kenyan patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer. PDF
Kimang'a Nyerere Andrew, Shahin Sayed, Gunturu Revathi, Peter Ojwang, Smita Devani, Ahamad Laving, Rose wanjiru Kamenwa, Samuel Kariuki, Viviene Matiru, Mahesh Shah 95

Original articles

The risks for pre-term delivery and low birth weight are independently increased by the severity of maternal anaemia PDF
kidanto lesio hussein 98
Colorectal cancer in South Africa: A heritable cause suspected in many young black patients PDF
Leandra Cronje, Alan Paterson, Piet Becker 103
Oesophageal Ulceration in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Patients PDF
David Philip EPSTEIN, Michael Locketz 107
Surgeons and HIV: South African Attitudes PDF
christopher paul szabo, Ames Dhai, Martin Veller, Anita Kleinsmidt 110
Complications of tube thoracostomy for chest trauma PDF
David Frans Maritz 114


CPD Questionnaire PDF