Vol 94, No 9 (2004)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Fred N Sanders 738
South African Menopause Society Council consensus statement on menopausal PDF
T J de Villiers, for the Council of the South African Menopause Society 760
Practice management - Marketing your medical practice - Part III PDF
Foundation of Professional Development 738

From the Editor

A pox on plagues PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 710

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P van Niekerk 711


A voice from private practice PDF
Laurence Cohen 714
What Islam does not need is a pope! PDF
Yusuf Patel;, Anwar Suleman Mall, I S Motara, M I A H Rawat 716
Psychopathology and coping in recently diagnosed HIV/AIDS patients PDF
Benjamin O Olley, Soraya Seedat, Dan J Stein 720
Ventricular fibrillation in a clinically normal heart PDF
Miroslav I Munclinger 722
Traditional formulary? PDF
Rykie Liebenberg 722
Foreign doctors working in South Africa PDF
Nico Jonas 723


The drug-addicted doctor - who dares to care? PDF
Hope for reducing SA's trauma deaths? PDF
SA has no overall health staff plan - HST PDF
Small mercies for 'outfoxed' surgeons PDF
Transparency pays for the HPCSA PDF
SAMJ 100 years ago / SAMJ 50 years ago PDF


T P S McDonald PDF
J du T Zaaijman 757
Pieter Philip Lombard PDF
Leon Rossouw 758

Book reviews

Color Atlas of Neurology PDF
Janet Seggie 757
Principles of Surgical Patient Care PDF
Del Kahn 757


Problems in the management of asthma in young children - a potential role for montelukast PDF
Robin J Green, Eugene G Weinberg 746
Neurolinguistic programming in the medical consultation PDF
Chris Ellis 748
Teleophthalmology and Vision 2020 in South Africa PDF
C Cook, I Murdoch, C Kennedy, P Taylor, K Johnson, R Godoumov 750
Protean appearance and behaviour of liver hydatids PDF
Richard Pitcher 752
Letter from Ireland: About Ulster without a fridge PDF
Robert-Ian Caldwell 755
Synopsis: The breath of life PDF
Fred N Sanders 758

Scientific letters

A survey of the use of regional anaesthesia for caesarean section in level 1 and 2 hospitals in the Free State PDF
G Lamacraft, S Holingworth, J G Dowie, M J Schmidt, B J S Diedricks, G Joubert 762

Original articles

Forty-five years apart - confronting the legacy of racial discrimination at the University of Cape Town PDF
G Perez, L London 764
Renal outcome of type 2 diabetes in South Africa - a 12-year follow-up study PDF
G R Keeton, R van Zyl Smit, A Bryer 771
Epidemiology of HIV in South Africa - results of a national, community-based survey PDF
Catherine Connolly, Mark Colvin, Olive Shisana, David Stoker 776
Human immunodeficiency virus infection and child sexual abuse PDF
Hendrik Simon Schaaf 782