Vol 94, No 4 (2004)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Fred N Sanders 254
Practice Management: Business planning part IV PDF
Foundation of Professional Development 256

From the Editor

Global health care expectations & Pains pleasures of editorial responsibility PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 228

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 229


More on probiotics PDF
Gilles Chauviere, Ala Johannsen 238
Knowing what you can take - the ins and outs of drug-free sport PDF
K McQuaide 241
Fee for service PDF
D R Gurnell 241
Jan Mikulicz-Radecki - father of surgical endoscopy PDF
E Schaffer, reply by Jarek Kowalczyk 242


Top doctors want tougher perversity penalties PDF
SAMJ 100 years ago / SAMJ 50 years ago PDF
ANC comes out swinging on CON PDF
Mpumalanga Health Dept unravelling begins PDF
Can early regional analgesia blocks benefit patients? PDF

Book reviews

Primary HIV/AIDS Care. A Practical Guide for Primary Health Care Personnel in the Clinical and Supportive Care of People with HIV/AIDS PDF
Lize Gwyther 270
Practical Child Psychiatry. The Clinician's Guide PDF
B Robertson 270


Psychoneuroimmunology - mid-brain-immune interactions PDF
Simon Whitesman, Roger Booth 259
The development of medical tariffs in South Africa PDF
Rene D Le Roex 261
The treatment of alcohol depedence - new horizons PDF
Willie Pienaar 264
Letter from Australia -There are worse things to celebrate PDF
Robert M Kaplan 270
Synopsis:Is high cholesterol more protective than damaging? PDF
Fred N Sanders 271


Probiotics - how functional are they? PDF
H J Koornhof 272
Expanding access to antiretroviral therapy through the public sector - the challenge of retaining patients in long-term primary care PDF
Landon Myer, Wafaa El-Sadr 273

Scientific letters

Unabated rise in number of adult deaths in South Africa PDF
Debbie Bradshaw, Ria Laubscher, Rob Dorrington, David E Bourne, Ian M Timaeus 278
Immunogenicity and safety of yeast-derived recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (Heberbiovac HB) in South African children PDF
M J Mphahlele, R J Burnett, T Kyaw, H S Schoeman, S Aspinall 280
Susceptibility of a series of routine sputum samples for antituberculosis chemotherapy in Gweru, Zimbabwe PDF
L M Apers, V Chihota 282

Original articles

South African national household survey of HIV/AIDS prevalence, behavioural risks and mass media impact - detailed methodology and response rate results PDF
Olive Shisana, David Stoker, Leickness Chisamu Simbayi, Mark Orkin, Francois Bezuidenhout, Sean Edwin Jooste, Mark Colvin, Johan van Zyl 283
PMTCT from research to reality - results from a routine service PDF
G G Sherman, S A Jones, A H Coovadia, M F Urban, K D Bolton 289
Inhuman shields - children caught in the crossfire of domestic violence PDF
A G Fieggen, M Weimann, C Brown, A B van As, G H Swingler, J C Peter 293
Short Report: Outcome of hospital-based TB in the Goldfields area PDF
R Nhiwatiwa, C Sepitla 297
Student Paper: Massive pulmonary haemorrhage as a cause of death in the neonate - a retrospective review PDF
N Dufourq, M Thomson, M Adhikari, J Moodley 299