Vol 93, No 8 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 572
Synopsis: The 'Atkins' diet evaluated PDF
Fred N Sanders
Managed care - Ethical issues PDF
Foundation of Professional Development 576

From the Editor

Astonishing indifference to deaths due to botched ritual circumcision PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 546

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 547


Hormone replacement therapy PDF
R L Cheifitz 554
Community service in rural South Africa PDF
M Kolosa 556


Much ado about ethics at UCT clinic PDF
Radiologists 'walk' in contrast conflict PDF
Behave + pay costs, HPCSA tells guilty Drs. PDF
Fine needle finesse PDF


John H Youngleson PDF
Edward Bowen Jones 594
Hyam Isaacs PDF
Norman A Blumberg 596
Petrus Jacobus Pretorius PDF
Philip Reyneke 596

Book reviews

Fraud and Misconduct in Biomedical Research PDF
John M Pettifor 594
Asbestos Blues PDF
J P van Niekerk 594


Phytosterols - a new dietary aid for the treatment of hypercholesterolaemia PDF
H H Vorster, F J Raal, J B Ubbink, A D Marais, M C Rajput 581
Savings from generic drug substitution in South Africa - an arithmetical view PDF
G G Djolov 583
Chronic conditions - the new health challenge PDF
JoAnne E Epping-Jordan, Rafael Bengoa, Derek Yach 585
Values can be added to the health care system PDF
A B van As, M Blecher 589


Endovascular management of intracranial aneurysms - current status in South africa PDF
Ian C Duncan, Pieter A Fourie 597
World pandemic of obesity - any hope of its being controlled? PDF
Alexander R P Walker 598

Scientific letters

Candida famata central nervous system infection PDF
B Prinsloo, G F Weldhagen, R W Blaine 601
Exclusive breast-feeding - a pipe dream? PDF
Ruth M Bland, Nigel C Rollins, Hoosen M Coovadia 602

Original articles

Missed opportunities for vaccination in health facilities in Swaziland PDF
A D Daly, M P Nxumalo, R J Biellik 606
Back injuries in young fast bowlers - a radiological investigation of the healing of spondylolysis and pedicle sclerosis PDF
R A Stretch, T Botha, S Chandler, P Pretorius 611
HIV-exposed infants with acute respiratory failure secondary to acute lower respiratory infections managed with and without mechanical ventilation PDF
E R Thirsk, M C Kapongo, P M Jeena, S Liebeschuetz, D F York, G Vega, S van Vuuren, H M Coovadia 617
Students paper: Occupational exposure to blood in medical students PDF
Jennifer Anne Rabbitts 621