Vol 93, No 6 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 408
Synopsis PDF
JP van Niekerk 406
Managed Care PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 410

From the Editor

Maternal mortality - we have a lot to answer for PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 386

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
JP de V van Niekerk 387


CPD requirements - non-clinical registration PDF
John Lodder, A G Sandison 394
Aged but not out PDF
I J Roy 394
Die klug van sogenaamde VPO-punte PDF
N J Zerbst 394
The ACLS and PALS examinations PDF
C H Dark 396
Cancer Association of South Africa funding grants PDF
Basil Bloch 396


A new pandemic - loan bilking PDF
CS consensus - an elusive ideal? PDF
Working conditions for CS doctors PDF
Radiologists paid referring doctors R2.34 million PDF
Mpumalanga's drug-dealing' docs PDF


Severe sepsis and the role of novel therapeutic agents: Posistion statement of the Critical Care Society of South Africa on severe sepsis and the role of novel therapeutic agents such as drotrecogin alfa (activated) PDF
Position Statement 416
Administration of blood components - avoiding unnecessary costs PDF
Arthur Bird, Teresa Nel, Michael James 419
The prayer and the piper - a view on evidence-based medicine PDF
Hannes Loots 420
The phumula project PDF
Chris Ellis 423
Continuing professional development - where are we now? PDF
V I McCusker 424
Simultaneous ultrasound identification of acute appendicitis, septic thrombophlebitis of the portal vein and pyogenic liver abscess PDF
Richard Pitcher, Carey McKenzie 426
Letter from the UK - Plumbing the depths PDF
Robert-Ian Caldwell 428

Book reviews

Hyperlipidemia PDF
A D Marais 430
Schizophrenia PDF
Liezl Koen 430
Counselling and coping PDF
Dan Stein 430


David Folscher PDF
H J Uys 431


New treatments: costs, benefits and decision-making procedures PDF
S R Benatar, T E Fleischer 433
Reduction in perinatal mortality feasible without incurring major costs PDF
R C Pattinson, for the Saving Babies group 434

Scientific letters

Ultrasound for the diagnosis of HIV-associated tuberculosis PDF
C P Hudson, R Wood 440
Massive hepatomegaly due to visceral leishmaniasis PDF
Halima Dawood, Christopher Jack, Umesh G Lallo, Melanie-Anne John, Vincent Naicker 441
Use of traditonal treatment methods in a Xhosa schizophrenia population PDF
Liezl Koen, Dana Niehaus, Jacqueline Muller, Claudine Laurent 443
Fluconazole-resistant cryptococcal meningitis PDF
Nancy Mormoff, Andrew Parrish 444

Original articles

Why babies die - a perinatal care survey of South Africa, 2000 - 2002 PDF
R C Pattinson, for the PPIP sentinel sites 445
Challenges in saving babies - avoidable factors, missed opportunities and substandard care in perinatal deaths in South africa PDF
R C Pattinson, for the PPIP sentinel sites 450
Domestic abuse - an antenatal survey at King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban PDF
M Mbokota, J Moodley 455
Antiretroviral therapy in a community clinic - early lessons from a pilot project PDF
Linda-Gail Bekker, Catherine Orrell, Larissa Reader, Kwezi Matoti, Karen Cohen, Rob Martell, Fareed Abdullah, Robin Wood 458
Impact of HIV on admissions and deaths in a tuberculosis hospital - recommendations for admission and discharge criteria PDF
W Thanassi, F A Post, K Shean, Linda-Gail Bekker, G Maartens 463