Vol 93, No 4 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 252
Negotiating a managed care contract PDF
Foundation for Professional Development 254

From the Editor

Israel, Iraq, Zimbabwe - should we care? PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 230

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 231


Increasing stresses in O&G unit in district hospitals PDF
Jon Larsen 236
Stress and resilience in South African firefighters PDF
Soraya Seedat, Hugo La Grange, Dana Niehaus, Dan J Stein 236
A note on confidentiality of death notofication forms PDF
Sulaiman Bah 238
A note on the quality of medical certification of deaths in South Africa, 1997 - 2001 PDF
Sulaiman Bah 239
Bone densittometry - missing reference PDF
Steve Beningfield 239


Poverty alleviation = good medicine PDF
Critics say HIV survey potentially biased PDF
Letlape lashes out at group self-interest PDF
Prisons baulk at AIDS research findings PDF
Emergency medicine one step closer PDF
Little know killer: Barth syndrome PDF


Anne Linder PDF
Chris Giles 272
Sidney Sacks PDF
Ian Samson 273
Kerneels Nel PDF
Andries Stulting 274

Book reviews

The Science of the Placebo PDF
Ashley Robinson 272
World Report on Violence and Health PDF
Ronelle Carolissen 272


Laboratory monitoring of HIV/AIDS in a resource-poor setting PDF
D K Glencross, B V Mendelow, W S Stevens 262
The Magpie study - clinical implications for poor countries PDF
The South African Magpie Trial Collaborators Group 264
The pitfalls of translation - a case study based on the translation of the EQ-5D into Xhosa PDF
Siviwe Mkoka, Jonathan Vaughan, Tarryn Wylie, Heather Yelland, Jennifer Jelsma 265
Resting and exercising heart rate before, during and after a 10-day space flight PDF
Karen A Sharwood 267
Dysphagia lusoria - a tale to tell and what to do PDF
C Govind, S R Thomson 269
Recommendations pertaining to the use of viral vaccines: influenza PDF
Department of Health 271

Scientific letters

High prevalence of TT virus in a rural community of South Africa PDF
Heidi E M Smuts, Timothy J Tucker 276
Historical precedents for socioeconomic disparities in growth among South African schoolchildren PDF
George T H Ellison, Thea de Wet 278
At what age are South African women first having sex? PDF
S Fonn 279
Clinical assessment of early gestational age PDF
Louis-Jacques van Bogaert 280
Medical students' experiences of the autopsy PDF
M Ruhaya, F P R de Villers 281
Correlation between erythromycin and azithromycin resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae PDF
Avril D Wasas, Robin E Huebner, Maurice Hockman, Keith P Klugman 283

Original articles

Clinical predictors of outcome in acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding PDF
S Z Kalula, G H Swingler, J A Louw 286
Risk factors for admission and the role of respiratory syncytial virus-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses in children with acute bronchiolitis PDF
P M Jeena, O E Ayannusi, K Annamalai, P Naidoo, H M Coovadia, P Guldner 291
Nutritional variation and cardiovascular risk factors in Tanzania - rural-urban difference PDF
M Njelekela, T Sato, Y Nara, T Miki, S Kuga, T Noguchi, T Kanda, M Yamori, J Ntogwisangu, Z Masesa, Y Mashalla, J Mtabaji, Y Yamori 295