Vol 93, No 1 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 23
Summarised amendments to the regulations of the Medical Schemes Act PDF
Elsabe Klinck 24
Websites Review: AfroAIDSinfo PDF
Fred Sanders 26
Frustrations of medical pricing PDF
Jules and Tana Rivalland 27

From the Editor

The power of one good person PDF
J P van Niekerk 1

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P van Niekerk 3


Kickbacks in relation to medical practice PDF
P Miller, J Preddy, I R Weinberg 8
Cannabis use in South Africa PDF
Charles Parry 9
Child Rape PDF
AB van As, AWJ Millar, H Rode 9
Mass hysteria with possible pseudoseizures at a primary school PDF
Indiran Govender 10
CPD requirements - non-clinical registration PDF
CMF Lang 10
Dissent and resistance PDF
P Lingham 11
IUCD insertion at caesarean section - a new look PDF
Martin Puzey 11


SAMA's ttreatment programme launched PDF
Next month in CME PDF
Frances Ames - human rights champion PDF
Getting community service right PDF
First medical crew for Cape to Rio race PDF
SAMA protects its Guide to Billing PDF
Reaching for a farier health care deal PDF
Local hospital solution lasts longer PDF
A political peacemaker for health? PDF
Health Digest PDF


Challenges to cervical cancer screening in the Western Cape province PDF
N Smith, J Moodley, M Hoffman 32
Early visual recovery after macular hole surgery with gas tamponade PDF
K N A Rivett, M Boocock 36
Dissociative fugue PDF
M A Matete, P J Pretorius, S T Rataemane 39
Rape survivors and the right to emergency medical treatment to prevent HIV infection PDF
David McQuoid-Mason, Ames Dhai, Jack Moodley 41

Book reviews

Psychotherapy with children and adolescents PDF
Willem de Jager 45
Stroke Syndromes PDF
Alan Bryer 45


Wyndham Harris PDF
AV Skinstad 46
Janetha Lion-Cachet PDF
WS van Niekerk 46
Walter Gordon PDF
Susan Jessop, Ephraim Benjamin, Mohamed Docrat 47
Frances Rix Ames PDF
Greg McCathy 48


The epidemic of childhood obesity PDF
G du Toit, M-T van der Merwe 49

Scientific letters

Are low aminoglycoside doses appropriate when used for perioperative prophylaxis in urology? PDF
A Whitelaw, T Ruttmann 52
The role of nutrient intake in the aetiology of diabetes mellitus PDF
Marthinette Slabber, Anna M Badenhorst, Willem M Mollentze, Gesin M Oosthuizen, Johanna MM Koning, Mariette Nel 52

Original articles

Special Article: The ART of rationing - the need for a new approach to rationing health interventions PDF
Christopher Kenyon, Jolene Skordis, Andrew Boulle, Karrisha Pillay 56
Obstetric causes for delivery of very-low-birth-weight babies at Tygerberg Hospital PDF
E S Odendaal, D W Steyn, H J Odendaal 61
A mass campain too often? Results of a vaccination coverage survey in the Dikgale-Soekmekaar district PDF
Carla van Turennout, Joris Vandelanotte, Marjan van den Akker, AnneMarie Depoorter 65
Women doctors in medical professional organisations in South Africa a report by the Women in Medicine Workgroup PDF
Jocelyne Kane-Berman, Rosemary Hickman 69
Congenital eunuchism and Favorinus PDF
F P Retief, J F G Cilliers 73