Vol 95, No 11 (2005)

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News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 832
Mixed Bag PDF
Bridget Farham 849
Practice Management PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 836

From the Editor

SAMJ - Africa's top open access medical journal PDF
Bongani M Mayosi 809

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 811


Antiretroviral treatment in the Northern Cape PDF
J P Jooste, A J M van Zyl, A Baker, W Crawford, A Jassen 812
Better ultrasound services, less misguided litigation PDF
J du Zaaijman 812
The 'worried-well', insulin resistance and metformin therapy PDF
D Bekker 814
Zebras and bergkwaggas - the case for research on rare and very rare genetic disease in South Africa PDF
Eric R Lemmer 814
SAMA and sexuality - breaking the silence PDF
M Brink, K Suttle, A Wewege, J Rosenthal, C Warton 816
Legal, but is it right? PDF
H J Kirby 816
African traditional healers PDF
Schneir Levin 818
The plague of socialism PDF
Andre Kruger 818
Societal consequence of Noah's alcohol misuse PDF
Eric Lewin Altschuler 820


Flushing rural commitment out of the surburbs PDF
World first for South African TB treatment guidelines PDF
The dangers of going without PDF
Built for the rich, serving the poor PDF


Training and development needs of medical practitioners involved in the medico-legal examination of survivors of sexual assaults PDF
I G Brouwer 837
Oxygen therapy and wound healing - topical oxygen is not hyperbaric oxygen therapy PDF
Frans J Cronje 840
Medical dreams in Graeco-Roman times PDF
Francois P Retief, Louise Cilliers 841
An unusual complication of intestinal amoebiasis PDF
D Steer, D L Clarke, I Buccimazza, S R Thomson 845


Alan Murray Glen PDF
FAK van Wyk 846
Louis Vogelpoel PDF
Pat Commerford 847
Frank Charles Friedlander PDF
Ken Boughton 848


Supporting the sexual and reproductive rights of HIV-infected individuals PDF
Landon Myers, Chelsea Morroni 852
Cot death controversies PDF
M A Kibel, C D Molteno, R de Decker 853

Scientific letters

Lipohypertrophy - a complication of insulin injections PDF
F P R de Villiers 858

Original articles

Intravenous glucose preparation as the source of an outbreak of extended-spectrum B-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae infections in the neonatal unit of a regional hospital in KwaZulu-Natal PDF
Prashini Moodley, Yacoob Coovadia, A Willem Sturm 861
Antibiotic use and resistance in public-sector hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal PDF
S Y Essack, C Connolly, A W Sturm 865
Impact of DDT re-introduction on malaria transmission in KwaZulu-Natal PDF
R Maharaj, D J Mthembu, B L Sharp 871
Medico-legal aspects of pathology - current dilemmas regarding confidentiality and disclosure PDF
Mahomed A Dada, David A McQuoid-Mason 875
Review Article: Body fat distribution and insulin resistance PDF
Aus T Ali, Nigel J Crowther 878


Acne Guidelines 2005 update PDF