Vol 95, No 7 (2005)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 468
Mixed Bag PDF
Bridget Farham 486
Prtactice Management PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 471

From the Editor

Myths, magic and medicine PDF
JP de V van Niekerk 447

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
JP de V van Niekerk 451


Female autonomy and elective abdominal delivery PDF
Malcolm de Roubaix 452
The possible 'tsunami effect' of the 2-year internship - an early warning PDF
S J Reid, A Prinsloo 452
Changes in reimbursement for anaesthetic valid from January 2005 PDF
P H B Maytom 454
Failing primary care PDF
Vincent Harrison 455
What Islam needs is a pope PDF
Dan Emby 456
SA Heart Association can now officially adopt ESC guidelines PDF
Colin Schamroth 456


Manto does it to them - one more time PDF
ART rollout - the clock ticks ever louder PDF
HIV/ AIDS pandemic - a legacy of conquest and mistrust PDF
State doctors chose their tax weapons PDF


Aminoglycoside monitoring: perpective on current trends in the Western Cape PDF
Pieter van der Bijl 474
Extrinsic bronchial compression by primary tuberculous andenopathy, simulating foreign-body aspiration PDF
Richard Pitcher, John Hewitson 479
'One million people die on the world's every year' - are there any hopes of alleviation? PDF
Alexander R P Walker, Betty F Walker, Ahmed A Wadee 482
Availability of antiretroviral therapy is associated with increased uptake of HIV testing services PDF
Coceka Mfundisi, Nirasha Chiranjan, Charl Rodrigues, Launel Kirchner, Peter Bock, Landon Myer 483


W G Daynes (1916-2005) PDF
Ivor Jardine 488
Leon du Toit (26.01.49 - 08.07.04) PDF
Hans Steyn 490
Jacob Maree du Toit PDF
Lucille Butow-Dutoit 490


Addressing infant mortality PDF
Clarissa Pieper 492

Scientific letters

Rapid detection of rotaviruses - are laboratories underestimating infection in infants? PDF
J Dewar, M de Beer, E Elliot, P Monaisa, D Semenya, A Steele 494

Original articles

Provincial mortality in South Africa, 2000 - priority-setting for now and benchmark for the future PDF
Debbie Bradshaw, Nadine Nannan, Pam Groenewald, Jane Joubert, Ria Laubscher, Beatrice Nijilana, Rosana Norman, Desiree Pieterse, Michelle Schneider 496
Survival of very-low-birth-weight infants according to birth weight and gestational age in a public hospital PDF
S C Velaphi, M Mokhachane, R M Mphahlele, E Beckh-Arnold, M L Kuwanda, P A Cooper 504
Unintentional doping through the use of contaminated nutritional supplements PDF
P J van der Merwe, E Grobbelaar 510
HIV prevalence in three predominantly Muslim residential areas in the Cape Town metropole PDF
Ashraf Kagee, Yoesrie Toefy, Leickness Simbayi, Seth Kalichman 512


Clinical Guidelines: Endovascular Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease PDF
I C van Marle, M Veller, L Scholtz, P Fourie, I Duncan, F Helling, R Jardine 517-528