Vol 98, No 5 (2008)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Task shifting or power shedding? PDF
JP van Niekerk 327

Editor's choice

Editors choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 329


Humans – a threat to humanity PDF
John Du Toit Zaaijman 330
Suggestions for SAMJ editorial policies PDF
Louis-Jacques Jean van Bogaert 330
The season cometh…yet again! PDF
Dhamend Lutchman 331
Access to parenteral phenobarbitone PDF
Jo Wilmshurst, Eugenie Gordon-Graham, Gillian Green, Loius Reynolds, Marc Blockman 332
End of Life Decisions PDF
Ronald Ferguson Ingle 332


State doctor recruitment - key official in corruption probe PDF
Ivan Toms – a selfless model of social conscience PDF
Probe into alleged treatment refusal PDF
No disaster’s yet please – we’re catching up PDF


When Best Practice is Bad Medicine: A new approach to rationing tertiary health services in South Africa PDF
Chris Richard Kenyon, Andrew Boulle, Nathan Ford 350
Improving injection safety PDF
Sibongile Nontuthuzelo Mogale 356
Spinal tuberculosis: Diagnostic biopsy is mandatory PDF
Ian Zondagh, Robert Dunn 360
The alcoholic's series of unfortunate events PDF
shalendra kumar misser, Sandie R Thomson 364


J M L Klopper PDF
W K Andrew 367


NICE rationing of specialised healthcare services for South Africa? PDF
Bettina Taylor 368

Scientific letters

Survival after massive intentional overdose of paraquat PDF
Umesh Gangaram Lalloo, Anish Ambaram 370
Coronary spasm and thrombosis in a body builder using a nutritional supplement containing synephrine, octopamine and caffeine. PDF
Jan-Peter Smedema, Gerbus J Muller 372
Involving African Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) in HIV/AIDS interventions PDF
Joanne Wreford, Monika Esser 374

Original articles

Determinants and treatment of hypertension in South Africans during 1998. The first demographic and health survey PDF
Krisela Steyn, Debbie Bradshaw, Rosana Elizabeth Norman, Ria Laubscher 376
Association of Tooth Loss with Hypertension PDF
Olalekan Abdulwahab Ayo-Yusuf, Imade Joan Ayo-Yusuf 381
A contrast-enhanced ultrasound study of benign and malignant breast tissue PDF
Serita Barnard, Timothy Cooke, Wilson Angerson, Edward Leen 386
Multiple sclerosis in South Africa PDF
Girish Modi, Andre Mocham, Madelein du Toit, Ivan IS Stander 391
Risky sexual behaviours of high-school pupils in an era of HIV and AIDS PDF
Serena Visvakanti Frank 394


CPD Questionnaire PDF