Vol 96, No 5 (2006)

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News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 388

From the Editor

Debunking medical education PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 369

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 371


Profile of faculty Forum presentations, Faculty of health Sciences, University of the Free State PDF
G Joubert, H S Cronje 374
Pott's puffy tumor - the tip of an iceberg PDF
H Boodhoo, V Karan 376


Surgeon acquitted after 'six years of hell' PDF
Illegal addiction treatment centres 'mushrooming' PDF
Taking uBhejane by the horn(s) PDF
'Step down, face probe' - MDPB tells Padayachee PDF


Leucocyte depletion of bllod components - guidelines of the Blood Transfusion Services of South Africa PDF
Arthur Bird, Robert Crookes 395
Ward rounds - bedside or conference room? PDF
H L Chauke, R C Pattinson 398
The white coat in clinical practice - the debate rages on! Final year medical students' views PDF
Michelle McLean, Soornarain S Naidoo 402
Anyone for porridge? PDF
Robert-Ian Caldwell 406
Popliteal advertitial disease in a triathlete - a case report PDF
S E Verkuijl, R V P de Villiers, D Revelas, D Pantanowitz 410
Mixed Bag PDF
Bridget Farham 414


Victor Leslie Asherson PDF
Ronald A Asherson 416
Margaret Pelo Chuene PDF
Professor K P Mokhobo


Leaving the party - withdrawal of South African essential medicines PDF
S E Wilmshurst, Marc Blockman, Andrew Argent, et al 420
Policy and decision making by blood transfusion services in South Africa PDF
Anthony Heyns 421
The power of patient-side teaching - still of benefit to student and patient PDF
Janet Seggie, Vanessa Burch 424

Scientific letters

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate values in active tuberculosis with and without HIV co-infection PDF
I S Ukpe, L Southern 427

Original articles

Formative assessment promotes learning in undergraduate clinical clerkships PDF
V C Burch, J L Seggie, N E Gary 430
Fear of sexually transmitted disease among women with male migrant partners - relationship to oscillatory migration pattern and risk-avoidance behavior PDF
Gail D Hughes, Catherine Hoyo, Thandi R Puoane 434
Obesity and overweight in South African primary school children - the health of the Nation study PDF
M E G Armstrong, M I Lambert, K A Sharwood, E V Lambert 439


Dermatology 2006 PDF