Vol 96, No 4 (2006)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer-Jones 278
Practice Management PDF
Giuliana Sabbatino 282

From the Editor

Taiwan, global epidemics and the WHO PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 253

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
JP V van Niekerk 255


NTproBNP - a role to play PDF
I W P Obel 256
Dictated but not read PDF
Steyn van der Riet 256
The Padayachee question PDF
John Steer 256
How equitable is the scaling up of HIV service provision in South Africa? PDF
N H Ntuli, M F Dikgale, response Mickey Chopra 258
Winning the war against HIV/AIDS PDF
J du T Zaaijman 260
Prominent doctors and scientists reject Lancet report on homoeopathy PDF
Brenda Saunders, Neil Gower, response Bridget Farham 260
Dangers of DDT PDF
Dave Whitelaw 262
Concurrent use of clopidrogel (Plavix) and atorvastatin (Lipitor) is contraindicated PDF
N Chetty, N H Naran, M Munster 264
Emergency medicine PDF
Dan Emby 264
The fallacy of 'risk management' PDF
C Schamroth 266
Guidelines for medical practitioners on living wills prepared by the South African Medical Association PDF
Brigid Raw 266


Saving lives amid bullets and bombs PDF
U-Mass re-investing where it matters PDF
Proud legacy of a provincial AIDS chief PDF
Expert witness system 'favour defendants' PDF


Illegal topical corticosteroids in KwaZulu-Natal - abuse continues PDF
D Lutchman, P Naidoo 284
Cystic fibrosis in black patients: Western Cape experiences PDF
Tony Westwood, Ruth Brown 288
Ear-invading arthropods: A South African Survey PDF
Gary Kroukamp, Jason G H Londt 290
Mixed Bags PDF
Bridget Farham 296


Gordon Rossall Hamilton Sealy PDF
Raymond Abratt, Clare Stannard, Ben Smit 294
H B Scholtz (1932 -2005) PDF
Flip Snyman 295
Chris Terreblanche (1947 - 2005) PDF
Dave Attwood-Smith 296


The failure of HIV prevention is South Africa's biggest health crisis PDF
W D Francois Venter 298
The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Amendment Bill - implications of criminalising non-disclosure of HIV status PDF
A Dhai 301
A case for integrating human rights in public health policy PDF
Leslie London 302
Diagnosing cystic fibrosis in South Africa PDF
Tony Westwood, Bertram Henderson, Michele Ramsay 304

Scientific letters

Using multiple-cause mortality data to resolve conflicting information on trends in maternal mortality in South Africa PDF
Sulaiman Bah 308
Contraceptive failure with the Mirena intrauterine system PDF
Martin Puzey 310

Original articles

Criminalising deliberate HIV transmission - is this good public health? PDF
Shanaaz Mathews 312
Rapid scale-up of a community-based HIV treatment service: Programme performance over 3 consecutive years in Guguletu, South Africa PDF
Linda-Gail Bekker, Landon Myer, Catherine Orrell, Steve Lawn, Robin Wood 315
Performance of a trained traditional bonesetter in primary fracture care PDF
John E Onuminya 320
Socio-economic inequalities as a predictor of health in South Africa - the Yenza cross-sectional study PDF
Khaya Mfenyana, Mark Griffin, Parimalarani Yogeswaran, Bernadette Modell, Michael Modell, Jimmy Chandia, Irwin Nazareth 323
Beta-lactamases in Entorobacteriaceae - an ever-present threat PDF
G J J Moolman, C E Jankowitz, S Bezuidenhout, J D D Pitout 331


South African Hypertension Guidelines 2006 PDF
Joint National Hypertension Guideline Working Group 2006 335-362