Special Issue: COVID-19

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Foreword: Preparedness and response to SARS-CoV-2 in South Africa PDF
Y Pillay, E Leonard, N Mayet, D Moonasar 354

COVID Series

Governing a pandemic: A case study of South Africa’s coordination and management structures used to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
D Moonasar, E Leonard, R Naidoo, Y Pillay, N Govender, R Morewane, W Ramkrishna, T Furumele, O P Ramadan, A Pillay, N Mayet 356
Leveraging epidemiology as a decision support tool during the COVID-19 epidemic in South Africa PDF
S P Silal, M J Groome, N Govender, J R C Pulliam, O P Ramadan, A Puren, W Jassat, E Leonard, H Moultrie, K-G Meyer-Rath, W Ramkrishna, T Langa, T Furumele, D Moonasar, C Cohen, S Walaza 361
COVID-19 response in South African communities: Screening, testing, tracing and movement modelling PDF
M Modisenyane, L Madikezela, S Mngemane, O P Ramadan, M Matlala, K McCarthy, N Govender, T Nemungadi, S P Silal 366
Risk communication and community engagement – unlocking the key to South Africa’s response to SARS-CoV-2 PDF
N Leburu, C Shilumani, C Bhengu, M Matlala, P Maja, S Jimoh, N Mayet 371
Sisonke phase 3B open-label study: Lessons learnt for national and global vaccination scale-up during epidemics PDF
A E Goga, L-G Bekker, N Garrett, S Takuva, I Sanne, J Odhiambo, F Mayat, L Fairall, Z Brey, L Bamford, G Tanna, G Gray 375
Recovery and transforming the South African health system PDF
Y Pillay, I Sanne, T Carter, R Narwal, P Chituku, R Naidoo, D Moonasar, R Morewane 384