Vol 111, No 9 (2021)

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From the Editor

Vaccine hesitancy? No, government failure PDF
B Farham 811

Guest Editorial

The National Health Insurance Bill: Responses and options for the Portfolio Committee on Health PDF
G C Solanki, J E Cornell, R L Morar, V Brijlal 812-813


Re-evaluating blood culture incubation times during SARS-CoV-2: Can we shorten incubation times without compromising results? PDF
C J Opperman, N Samodien 814-815
Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 vaccination roll-out: Urgent need to rethink strategies to improve the supply chain. PDF
G Musuka, M Mapingure, T Dzinamarira 816
Commencement of medical internship during the COVID-19 pandemic: An honour with increased responsibility PDF
A A Nadkar, T D Malange 817
A call to action: Temporal trends of COVID-19 deaths in the South African Muslim community PDF
M A K Omar, W Jassat, Z Brey, S Parker, M Wadee, S Wadee, S A Madhi 818
Listeria monocytoge-knees infection: An unusual presentation PDF PDF
S Singh, R Hoffmann 819


Mahomed H Amla PDF
D Naidoo 820
Piet Gonin PDF
J Zaaijman 821


Stillbirth rate by maternal HIV serostatus and antiretroviral use in pregnancy in South Africa: An audit PDF
S Maswime, C Pule, L M Bebell, B Hedt-Gauthier, N Chandiwana, J E Haberer, R Pattinson 822-823

Continuing Medical Education

Thalassaemia (part 2) PDF
N A Alli, J Poole, Y Goga 824
Thalassaemia (part 2): Management PDF
N A Alli, M Patel, J Poole, Y Goga, F Fazel, N Novitzky, S Parasnath, F Bassa 825-833

In Practice

Unnatural deaths, alcohol bans and curfews: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment during COVID-19 PDF
T A Moultrie, R E Dorrington, R Laubscher, P Groenewald, C D H Parry, R Matzopoulos, D Bradshaw 834-837
Engaging surgeons among clinician-scientists PDF
Ncedile Mankahla, T E Madiba, A G Fieggen 838-840
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: An update for the COVID-19 era PDF
J Bailly, L Haupt, J Joubert, P Loebenberg, B F Jacobson, V J Louw, P F Wessels, J J Opie 841-848
Patterns of oxygen saturation in prolonged recovery from COVID-19 pneumonia PDF
F Asmodien, G Calligaro, A Husaimen, N Kwinana, N Teixeira, T Ward, S J Reid 849-851


COVID-19 herd immunity v. learning to live with the virus PDF
S A Madhi 852-856


Evaluating the performance of the GeneXpert HIV-1 qualitative assay as a consecutive test for a new early infant diagnosis algorithm in South Africa. PDF
A Mukendi, T Kufa, T Murray, M Burke, R Strehlau, K-G Technau, C T Tiemessen, G G Sherman, A H Mazanderani 857-861
Clinical aspects and outcomes of patients with malaria at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital,Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
D J Fox, A Karstaedt, C N Menezes 862-871
Determining the prevalence of tuberculosis in emergency departments in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa and the utility of the World Health Organization tuberculosis screening tool PDF
J S Roberts, E A Hahn, J Black, R Maharaj, J E Farley, A D Redd, S J Reynolds, T C Quinn, B Hansoti 872-878
Patterns of leprosy at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa, and review of current clinical practice PDF
L J Nkehli, C N Menezes, J M L Tsitsi 879-885
Significance of HbA1c levels in diabetic retinopathy extremes in South Africa PDF
M Mjwara, M Khan, C-H Kruse, W Sibanda, C Connolly 886-890
The reliability of physical examination in diagnosing arterial injury in penetrating trauma to extremities: A first look at different anatomical regions and injury mechanisms PDF
J le Roux, M Burger, G du Preez, N Ferreira 891-895
The incidence of fragility hip fractures in a subpopulation of South Africa PDF
M L Grundill, M C Burger 896-902
Investigating the need for therapeutic drug monitoring of imipenem in critically ill patients: Are we getting it right? PDF
B Mitton, F Paruk, A Gous, J Chausse, M Milne, P Becker, M Said 903-909
Magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis of causes of cerebral palsy in a developing country: A database of South African children PDF
M M Elsingergy, F Worede, S Venkatakrishna, J Curic, S Andronikou 910-916


Molecular characterisation of group A streptococcus isolates recovered from the north-west of Pretoria, South Africa PDF


CPD Questions PDF