Vol 111, No 5 (2021)

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From the Editor

COVID-19, Ebola virus disease and the community PDF
B Farham 383


Prof. Stuart Saunders – a personal tribute PDF
V C Harrison 384
Targeting those left behind in Zimbabwe’s HIV response: A call for decriminalisation of key populations to rapidly achieve 95-95-95 targets PDF
G Musuka, T Dzinamarira 385
Child abuse and/or osteogenesis imperfecta? The challenging management of patients with unclear diagnosis PDF
J P Nieke, A B van As 386-388


Stuart John Saunders PDF
S Benatar, P Folb, J Terblanche, W Spearmsn, M Sonderup 389


South Africa should be using all the COVID-19 vaccines available to it – urgently PDF
W D F Venter, S A Madhi, J Nel, M Mendelson, A van den Heever, M Moshabela 390-392

Continuing Medical Education

Asthma in South African children: Reflection on new recommendations for care PDF
R J Green, A I Manjra, H J Zar 393-394
Summary of childhood asthma guidelines, 2021: A consensus document PDF
A I Manjra, A van Niekerk, D A White, S Kling, H J Zar, R Masekela, M Levin, F E Kritzinger, R J Green; on behalf of the South African Childhood Asthma Working Group (SACAWG) 395-399
Viral infections, COVID-19 and asthma: Preventing viral exacerbations of asthma PDF
R J Green 400-401

In Practice

What did we learn from South Africa’s first-ever tuberculosis prevalence survey? PDF
Y Pillay, L Mvusi, L D Mametja, S Dlamini 402-404
A collaborative and evolving response to the needs of frontline workers, patients and families during the COVID-19 pandemic at Tygerberg Hospital, Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
E Bröcker, K A Louw, M Hewett, H Burger, R Felix, P De Koker, J Rossouw, S Seedat 405-408
Viruses, variants and vaccines PDF
D A Cowan, S G Burton, E P Rybicki, A-L Wiliamson, R A Dorrington, M S Pepper 409-411
Treatment of tuberculous meningitis in adults: Is the duration of intensive-phase therapy adequate? PDF
S Moodley, M S Dlwati, A I Bhigjee 412-415
Dos and don’ts for mHealth-based clinical support among clinicians in South Africa: Results from a 1-day workshop PDF
L Laflamme, J Chipps, D Barrett, P Brysiewicz, R Duys, K Evans, M A Jarvis, M Mars, W Stassen, L A Wallis 416-420


Antimicrobial stewardship in the Western Cape: A situational analysis of existing facility-level initiatives PDF
S M Peters, S Sheik, J L Werner, M-A Davies, B Willems 421-425
Establishing a South African national framework for COVID-19 surgical prioritisation PDF
K M Chu, E O Owolabi, M Smith, T C Hardcastle, S Maswime, H Geduld, P D Gopalan, J Marco, M Mendelson, B M Biccard, L Cairncross, on behalf of the South African National Surgical Obstetric Anaesthesia Plan Task Team 426-431
Sepsis in previously healthy neonates discharged home after delivery in Soweto, South Africa PDF
N S Mangeni, F Solomon, S Velaphi, A Izu, S A Madhi, Z Dangor, S G Lala 432-436
Delivery outcomes of patients with pre-eclampsia at 27 - 34 weeks’ gestation at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa: A retrospective observational study PDF
S E Olivier, L de Waard, C J B Muller, G S Gebhardt 437-443
Evaluating the impact of single exit pricing (SEP) on medicine product withdrawal from the private healthcare market in South Africa PDF
K Naidoo, F Suleman 444-447
Local recommendations for death scene investigation of sudden unexpected death in infants (SUDI) based on prospective observations PDF
T Bennett, L J Martin, L J Heathfield 448-452
Why are emerging countries popular for clinical research? PDF
V Strüver, S C Ibeneme 453-459
HIV care coverage among HIV-positive adolescent girls and young women in South Africa: Results from the HERStory Study PDF
C Mathews, M Cheyip, R Beauclair, A Puren, C Lombard, K Jonas, K A Ayalew, D Govindasamy, C Kuo, J Dietrich, F Abdullah, G Gray 460-468
Maternal HIV viral load testing during pregnancy and postpartum care in Gauteng Province, South Africa PDF
F Moyo, A H Mazanderani, T Kufa, G G Sherman 469-473
Treatment outcomes among patients admitted to hospital with antiretroviral and/or antituberculosis drug-induced liver injury PDF
R Mehta, P Ive, D Evans, C N Menezes 474-481
Three months in a high-volume tertiary orthopaedic trauma unit: What is a registrar worth? PDF
H F van Zyl, M Burger, N Ferreira 482-486
Molecular characterisation of group A streptococcus isolates recovered from the north-west of Pretoria, South Africa PDF
X V Khosa, O Kgasha, H Mabuza, M Moshe, K Engel, M Nchabeleng 487-490


CPD Questions PDF