Vol 111, No 4 (2021)

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When culture, traditions and public health clash: A paradigm shift urgently needed to stem the spread of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe PDF
T Dzinamarira, G Musuka 279
Factors affecting specialist psychiatry training in South Africa: Bullying during specialist psychiatric training? PDF
N Beath, K Moxley, U Subramaney, Z Zingela, B Chiliza, J Joska, C Kotzé, S Seedat 280
Surgical training in the private sector in South Africa PDF
D Lutrin, H Etheredge, J Fabian, C Bouter, S Tager 281


Kgopotso Rudolf Mononyane PDF
B Biccard, A Beeton, C Corbett, L Mfeya, P Mogane, B Mrara, S Ndemera, T Ngubane, A Roux, L Lasersohn 282-283
George Dimopoulos PDF
S Boyd, T Hardcastle 284
Iqbal Haroon Master PDF
N Ndjeka, A Reuter, F Conradie, M Enwerem, H Ferreira, J Hughes, F Ismail, N Ismail, Y Kock, X Padanilam, R Romero, H S Schaaf, J te Riele, E Variava, G Meintjes, G Maartens 285-286
Jacques Cilliers PDF
J Smith, H F Jordaan 287

In Practice

A qualitative analysis of seven ivermectin formulations in South Africa PDF
Q E Bhorat, A E Bhorat 288-290
COVID-19 vaccination: Recommendations for management of patients with allergy or immune-based diseases PDF
J Peter 291-294
COVID-19: Experience of a tertiary children’s hospital in Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
A N Parbhoo, A Numanoglu, A C Argent, M Franken, M Mukosi, M I McCulloch 295-298
A nurse-led intervention to improve management of virological failure in public sector HIV clinics in Durban, South Africa: A pre- and post-implementation evaluation PDF
H Sunpath, S Pillay, T Hatlen, R A Murphy, V C Marconi, M-Y S Moosa, K Naidoo, M J Siedner 299-303
COVID-19: May hospitals in one province of South Africa reserve empty beds for patients from their province and turn down emergency requests from other provinces? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 304-306
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis due to Rickettsia conorii infection PDF
D Woolf, M Jordaan, G Maartens 307-308


Primary healthcare workers at risk during COVID-19: An analysis of infections in HIV service providers in five districts of South Africa PDF
K Rees, J L Dunlop, S Patel-Abrahams, H Struthers, J A McIntyre 309-314
Experiences of workplace bullying among academics in a health sciences faculty at a South African university PDF
D N Conco, L Baldwin-Ragaven, N J Christofides, E Libhaber, L C Rispel, J A White, B Kramer 315-320
Analgesic practices and predictors of use in South Africa-based runners PDF
R Thorpe, M Blockman, T Burgess 321-326
Establishing local reference intervals for full blood count and white blood cell differential counts in Cape Town, South Africa PDF
A de Koker, A R Bird, C Swart, J J Rogerson, C Hilton, J J Opie 327-332
Venous bicarbonate and creatine kinase as diagnostic and prognostic tools in the setting of acute traumatic rhabdomyolysis PDF
J J P Buitendag, M Q Patel, S Variawa, J Fichardt, B Mostert, A Goliath, D L Clarke, G V Oosthuizen 333-337
A prospective observational study of preoperative natriuretic peptide testing in adult non-cardiac surgical patients in hospitals in Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
C S Alphonsus, M Jagga, M Crowther, E Coetzee, G Davies, Z Fullerton, H A van Zyl, A Reed, E Cloete, J Roos, F Roodt, R N Rodseth, B M Biccard 338-342
District hospital surgical capacity in Western Cape Province, South Africa: A cross-sectional survey PDF
P Naidu, K M Chu 343-349
Metabolic syndrome at 6 weeks after delivery in a cohort of pre-eclamptic and normotensive women PDF
P Ntlemo, T Cronje, P Soma-Pillay 350-354
International normalised ratio control in a non-metropolitan setting in Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
D N Prinsloo, T J Gould, C A Viljoen, W Basera, M Ntsekhe 355-360
Preventable deaths among youth in South Africa: Measuring life expectancy in the absence of non-communicable diseases and its implications for the healthcare system PDF
N de Wet-Billings 361-364


CPD Questions PDF