Vol 111, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents


Contents PDF

Guest Editorial

The Scientists’ Collective 10-point proposal for equitable and timeous access to COVID-19 vaccine in South Africa PDF
G Gray, A van der Heever, S Madhi, J McIntyre, B Kana, W Stevens, I Sanne, G Richards, F Abdullah, M Mendelson, A Dasoo, J Nel, A Wulfsohn, L Blumberg, F Venter 89-94


Mental illness: South Africa’s blind spot PDF
L J Robertson 95
Artifactual hypoglycaemia in a patient with scleroderma and Raynaud’s phenomenon PDF
R Osman, E Erasmus, S Lahri, F Moosajee 96
Guidance to the applicability of the Global Lung Initiative spirometry reference equations for South African populations PDF
R Masekela, C F N Koegelenberg, D M Gray 97
Enterococcus faecalis ST21 harbouring Tn6009 isolated from a carriage sample in South Africa PDF
R C Founou, L L Founou, M Allam, A Ismail, S Y Essack 98-99

In Practice

Parental access to hospitalised children during infectious disease pandemics such as COVID-19 PDF
A Goga, U Feucht, S Pillay, G Reubenson, P Jeena, S Mahdi, N T Mayet, S Velaphi, N McKerrow, L R Mathivha, N Makubalo, R J Green, G Gray 100-105
A quality improvement programme in radiotherapy using workflow audits PDF
R P Abratt, M Rautenbach, Y Govender, I Oelofse 106-109


The effect of lockdown on intentional and nonintentional injury during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cape Town, South Africa: A preliminary report PDF
P H Navsaria, A J Nicol, C D H Parry, R Matzopoulos, S Maqungo, R Gaudin 110-113
Child health services during a COVID-19 outbreak in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
C Jensen, N H McKerrow 114-119
Effect of COVID-19 pandemic decisions on tertiary-level surgical services in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
D J Laäs, Z Farina, D G Bishop 120-123
Causative pathogens and antibiotic resistance in community-acquired urinary tract infections in central South Africa PDF
J L Fourie, F M Claassen, J J Myburgh 124-128
One in four die from acute infectious illness in an emergency department in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa PDF
A Jenson, A Rao, P Mda, B Cawe, J Iruedo, T Dubula, D Stead, R Rothman, B Hansoti 129-136
Examining the reliability of ICD-10 discharge coding in Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital administrative database PDF
A Daniels, R Muloiwa, L Myer, H Buys 137-142
Non-vaccine serotype pneumococcal carriage in healthy infants in South Africa following introduction of the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine PDF
Z Skosana, A von Gottberg, S Olorunju, T Mohale, M du Plessis, T Adams, N Mbelle 143-148
Non-communicable disease comorbidities in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
S B Kushitor, O A Sanuade, L Baatiema, M K Kushitor, E K Afrifa-Anane, R B Awuah 149-158
The burden of hypertension in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa: A 6-year perspective PDF
S Pillay, D Pillay, R S Pillay 159-165
Are adults just big kids? Can the newer paediatric weight estimation systems be used in adults? PDF
O Akinola, M Wells, P Parris, L N Goldstein 166-170
WhatsApp-propriate? A retrospective content analysis of WhatsApp use and potential breaches in confidentiality among a team of doctors at a district hospital, South Africa PDF
G D Meyer, N Meyer, J D du Toit, P A Mans, B D Moffett 171-175
The adjunctive use of carbimazole during radioactive iodine treatment reduces the cure rate of Graves’ disease PDF
F Docrat, T Mokoena, V O L Karusseit, A O Ankrah 176-179
The readability of informed consent forms for research studies conducted in South Africa PDF
A E Fischer, W D F Venter, S Collins, M Carman, S T Lalla-Edward 180-183