Vol 110, No 11 (2020)

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From the Editor

Vulnerability to disease: Look to the future PDF
B Farham 1058


New cholesterol targets for patients at high or very high cardiovascular risk and the indications for PCSK9 inhibitors PDF
E Q Klug, F J Raal 1059
Metabolic alkalosis in hospitalised COVID-19 patients: A window to the pathogenesis? PDF
J Rood, R Davids, A le Roux, M du Plessis, A Parker, B W Allwood, H W Prozesky, C F N Koegelenberg, J J Taljaard 1060
Modified full-face snorkel masks as personal protective equipment for COVID-19 in South Africa PDF
L van Wyk, P Goussard, W A J Meintjes 1061
Maximising health science student volunteers for the COVID-19 response: A valuable resource PDF
S Verhage, I Kim, S Ndereya, K Begg, V Zweigenthal, K Fieggen, L Wallis, S Reid, J Irlam, N Ntusi, J Peter 1062-1063
Clinical v. laboratory-based screening for COVID-19 in asymptomatic patients requiring acute cardiac care PDF
L H Joubert, P G Herbst, A F Doubell, A J K Pecoraro 1064

Book reviews

Foundations of Global Health & Human Rights. Ed. by Lawrence O Gostin and Benjamin Mason Meier. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020. ISBN: 9780197528297 PDF
Y Guidozzi, N Erasmus 1065


Dangers of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol during pregnancy PDF
H J Odendaal, M Kruger, M H Botha 1066-1067
Research imperialism resurfaces in South Africa in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic – this time, via a digital portal PDF
K Moodley 1068-1069
Reflections for global public health research and evidence-based medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
E L Davids 1070-1071

In Practice

Implementing malaria control in South Africa, Eswatini and southern Mozambique during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
B D Brooke, J Raman, J Frean, J Rundle, F Maartens, E Misiani, A Mabuza, K I Barnes, D P Moonasar, Q Dlamini, S Charles, L Blumberg 1072-1076
Essential medicine selection during the COVID-19 pandemic: Enabling access in uncharted territory PDF
T D Leong, S M McGee, A L Gray, R de Waal, T Kredo, K Cohen, G Reubenson, M Blockman, J Nel, G Maartens, H Rees, R Wiseman, K Jamaloodien, A G Parrish 1077-1080
Opportunistic pathogenic fungal co-infections are prevalent in critically ill COVID-19 patients: Are they risk factors for disease severity? PDF
O T Ezeokoli, C H Pohl 1081-1085
Is the COVID-19 regulation that prohibits parental visits to their children who are patients in hospital invalid in terms of the Constitution? What should hospitals do? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 1086-1087
Handmaidens and pioneers: Three female anaesthetists and their contribution to anaesthesia in South Africa PDF
C Gordon, P C Gordon 1088-1092


COVID deaths in South Africa: 99 days since South Africa’s first death PDF
V Pillay-van Wyk, D Bradshaw, P Groenewald, I Seocharan, S Manda, R A Roomaney, O Awotiwon, T Nkwenika, G Gray, S S Buthelezi, Z L Mkhize 1093-1099
Smoking and drinking habits of women in subsequent pregnancies after specific advice about the dangers of these exposures during pregnancy PDF
H J Odendaal, L T Brink, D G Nel, E Carstens, M de Jager, M Potter, C du Plessis, C A Groenewald 1100-1104
A rapid review of the effectiveness of screening practices at airports, land borders and ports to reduce the transmission of respiratory infectious diseases such as COVID-19 PDF
T Chetty, B B Daniels, N K Ngandu, A Goga 1105-1109
Trauma patterns during the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa expose vulnerability of women PDF
A Zsilavecz, H Wain, J L Bruce, M T D Smith, W Bekker, G L Laing, E Lutge, D L Clarke 1110-1112
A descriptive analysis of the effect of the national COVID-19 lockdown on the workload and case mix of patients presenting to a district-level emergency centre in Cape Town, South Africa PDF
C Hendrikse, M Parak, D J van Hoving 1113-1118
The effect of lockdown regulations on SARS-CoV-2 infectivity in Gauteng Province, South Africa PDF
J Pillai, P Motloba, K S C Motaung, L U Ozougwu, B K Ikalafeng, E Marinda, M Lukhele, D Basu 1119-1123
Let’s get physical: A prospective pedometer study of doctors working in a South African emergency department PDF
C B Beringer, M Wells, L N Goldstein 1124-1127
Vitamin D levels in patients admitted to the intensive care unit and the association with organ dysfunction and glutamine levels PDF
F Seedat, G K Schleicher, P Gaylard, R Blaauw 1128-1133
Unrecognised postoperative residual curarisation in developing countries remains a common problem PDF
S Chetty, S Hassim, H Perrie, J Scribante, M Parker 1134-1138


CPD Questions PDF