Vol 110, No 8 (2020)

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Guest Editorial

The unanticipated costs of COVID-19 to South Africa’s quadruple disease burden PDF
K Hofman, S Madhi 698-699


The Critical Care Society of Southern Africa guidelines on the allocation of scarce critical care resources during the COVID-19 public health emergency in South Africa PDF
Supernumerary registrars: The unsung heroes facing unprecedented predicaments PDF
A J Arendse, J F Coelho, S H Gebers 704
COVID-19 in South Africa: An occupational disease PDF
R George, A George 705
Congenital bicuspid aortic valve: Differential prevalence across different South African population groups PDF
L D Hunter, G W Lloyd, M J Monaghan, A J K Pecoraro, A F Doubell, P G Herbst 706
Maximising the efficiency of surveillance for COVID-19 in dialysis units in South Africa: The case for pooled testing PDF
R Fadal, S Wadee, A Hoosen, W Parker 707
Evolution of the SAMPLAR box: A multipurpose tool to facilitate limited re-use of personal protective equipment in low- and middle-income countries PDF
S Irusen, R M Bandini, K H Myezo, J A Geel 708
Preventing intrahospital transmission of COVID-19: Experience from the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland PDF
S K Rampini, A Wolfensberger, H Sax, F Thienemann 709-710
Desperate times call for desperate measures: Adapting antiretroviral service delivery in the context of the COVID-19 pandemi PDF
F C Mukumbang, E Kriel, B van Wyk, J A Kruger 711-712
Fine-needle aspiration cytology of head and neck masses: Is ultrasound guidance routinely warranted? PDF
G Viljoen, N Viljoen, E Bolding, J J Fagan 713-714
COVID-19: UCT-Africa Virtual ENT transcends academic silos through videoconferencing academic meetings and ward rounds PDF
N Goncalves, T F Din, J J Fagan 715
A call to action: Promoting mental wellbeing in South African healthcare workers PDF
R Thom, on behalf of the Healthcare Worker Care Network 716


Lothar Bohm PDF
B Smit 717

Book reviews

Epidemics and the Health of African Nations. Ed. by Zamanzima Mazibuko. Johannesburg: Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA), 2019. ISBN 978-0-6399955-9-5 PDF
R Weiner 718


Prioritising action on diabetes during COVID-19 PDF
A Erzse, H Fraser, N Levitt, K Hofman 719-720
Guideline for medical certification of death in the COVID-19 era PDF
P Groenewald, O Awotiwon, L Hanmer, D Bradshaw 721-723
COVID-19 lockdowns in low- and middle-income countries: Success against COVID-19 at the price of greater costs PDF
S A Madhi, G E Gray, N Ismail, A Izu, M Mendelson, N Cassim, W Stevens, F Venter 724-726
COVID-19 and the school response: Looking back to learn what we can do better PDF
N Siegfried, C Mathews 727-728
COVID-19 in pregnancy in South Africa: Tracking the epidemic and defining the natural history PDF
L Fairlie, S Sawry, F Patel, J E Balkus, E Kalk, P Mutevedzi, K-G Technau, L M Yates, A Slogrove, D Ballot, R M Bandini, U Mehta, D Moodley, O Mhlongo, S Budram, S Maswime, V Vannevel, H Rees, M Chersich 729-731

Continuing Medical Education

Managing and preventing childhood pneumonia in South Africa: Updated South African guidelines PDF
R J Green, H J Zar, S A Mahdi 732-733
Management of community-acquired pneumonia in children: South African oracic Society guidelines (part 3) PDF
G Reubenson, T Avenant, D P Moore, G Itzikowitz, S Andronikou, C Cohen, R J Green, P Jeena, R Masekela, M P Nicol, A Pillay, S A Madhi, H J Zar, A C Argent 734-740
Prevention of community-acquired pneumonia in children: South African Thoracic Society guidelines (part 4) PDF
H J Zar, D P Moore, S Andronikou, A C Argent, T Avenant, C Cohen, R J Green, G Itzikowitz, P Jeena, M P Nicol, A Pillay, G Reubenson, R Masekela, S A Madhi 741-746

In Practice

Caesarean section rates in South Africa: A case study of the health systems challenges for the proposed National Health Insurance PDF
G C Solanki, J E Cornell, E Daviaud, S Fawcus 747-750
The use of disinfection tunnels or disinfectant spraying of humans as a measure to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus PDF
C L Gray, A van Niekerk 751-752
But is it publishable? Mastering the MMed message PDF
A G Parrish, E S Grossman 753-755
Research in COVID-19 times: The way forward PDF
M S Pepper, S G Burton 756-758
Convalescent plasma or hyperimmune immunoglobulin for people with COVID‐19 PDF
C A Nnaji, C J Iwu, D E Ndwandwe, P Jordan, C S Wiysonge 759-760


Diabetes mellitus and COVID-19: A review and management guidance for South Africa PDF
A Coetzee, J J Taljaard, S S Hugo, M Conradie, M Conradie-Smit, J A Dave 761-766
A narrative review on spinal deformities in people with cerebral palsy: Measurement, norm values, incidence, risk factors and treatment PDF
E Britz, N G Langerak, R P Lamberts 767-776
A historical overview of paediatric surgery at Wits University: From embryo to adult PDF
J Loveland 777-782


A multisectoral investigation of a neonatal unit outbreak of Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteraemia at a regional hospital in Gauteng Province, South Africa PDF
V Essel, K Tshabalala, G Ntshoe, E Mphaphuli, G Feller, A M Shonhiwa, K McCarthy, H Ismail, W Strasheim, M Lowe, O Perovic, M Hlonipho, N P Govender 783-790
Compliance with hygiene practices among healthcare workers in the intensive care unit PDF
A E Laher, L-R van Rooyen, L Gerber, G A Richards 791-795
Nicotine dependence, socioeconomic status, lifestyle behaviours and lifetime quit attempts among adult smokers in South Africa PDF
O A Ayo-Yusuf, O B Omole 796-801
Risk factors for female and male homicidal strangulation in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
S Suffla, M Seedat 802-806
The effect of the introduction of an electronic booking system to appropriately prioritise gastroscopies at a regional hospital in South Africa PDF
K Booyse, O Swart, J Gouws, R Duvenage 807-811
The ethicolegal framework relevant to human faecal microbiota transplants in South Africa: Part 1. A legal vacuum PDF
M Labuschaigne, M Slabbert, S Budree, E Hoosien, A Brink, M Blockman 812-815
The ethicolegal framework relevant to human faecal microbiota transplants in South Africa: Part 2. Human stool as tissue? PDF
M Labuschaigne, M Slabbert, S Budree, E Hoosien, A Brink, M Blockman 816-818
The ethicolegal framework relevant to human faecal microbiota transplants in South Africa: Part 3. Stool as a ‘drug’ or medicine PDF
M Labuschaigne, M Slabbert, S Budree, E Hoosien, A Brink, M Blockman 819-821


CPD Questions PDF