Online First: COVID-19 in South Africa

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From the Editor

Failure at the top PDF
B Farham 1-2

Statement of Support

Statement of support for Professor Glenda Gray and the principle of academic freedom of speech PDF PDF
Prof. Francois Venter


How should health resource allocation be applied during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa? PDF
A Taylor, B Taylor, J Parkes, J J Fagan
Is there value in a two-step diagnostic algorithm to confirm SARS-CoV-2 in South Africa? PDF
W Dowling, C J Opperman 0
South African healthcare workers and COVID-19: A shared responsibility to protect a precious and limited resource PDF
A Dramowski, M Zunza, K Dube, M Parker, A Slogrove 0
Digital eye syndrome: COVID-19 lockdown side-effect? PDF
A J Munsamy, V Chetty 0
COVID-19: Convalescent plasma as a potential therapy PDF
K van den Berg, M Vermeulen, T N Glatt, S Wasserman, C L Barrett, J Peter, D Brittain, V J Louw
The Critical Care Society of Southern Africa guidelines on the allocation of scarce critical care resources during the COVID-19 public health emergency in South Africa PDF
Evolution of the SAMPLAR box: A multipurpose tool to facilitate limited re-use of personal protective equipment in low- and middle-income countries PDF
S Irusen, R M Bandini, K H Myezo, J A Geel
COVID-19 in South Africa: An occupational disease PDF
R George, A George
Desperate times call for desperate measures: Adapting antiretroviral service delivery in the context of the COVID-19 pandemi PDF
F C Mukumbang, E Kriel, B van Wyk, J A Kruger
Preventing intrahospital transmission of COVID-19: Experience from the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland PDF
S K Rampini, A Wolfensberger, H Sax, F Thienemann
COVID-19: UCT-Africa Virtual ENT transcends academic silos through videoconferencing academic meetings and ward rounds PDF
N Goncalves, T F Din, J J Fagan


What are we doing to the children of South Africa under the guise of COVID-19 lockdown? PDF
L van Bruwaene, F Mustafa, J Cloete, A Goga, R J Green
Collateral damage of the COVID-19 pandemic: Exacerbation of antimicrobial resistance and disruptions to antimicrobial stewardship programmes? PDF
V Chibabhai, A G Duse, O Perovic, G A Richards
The utility of 2009 H1N1 pandemic data in understanding the transmission potential and estimating the burden of COVID-19 in South Africa to guide mitigation strategies PDF
N Phaswana-Mafuya, O Shisana, G Gray, N Zungu, L-G Bekker, L Kuonza, K Zuma, S Baral
Freedom of speech and public interest, not allegiance, should underpin science advisement to government PDF
J A Singh, A Habib, J Jansen
Compelled testing for the novel coronavirus PDF
P Kruger
COVID-19 and the school response: Looking back to learn what we can do better PDF
N Siegfried, C Mathews
COVID-19 lockdowns in low- and middle-income countries: Success against COVID-19 at the price of greater costs PDF
S A Madhi, G E Gray, N Ismail, A Izu, M Mendelson, N Cassim, W Stevens, F Venter
Prioritising action on diabetes during COVID-19 PDF
A Erzse, H Fraser, N Levitt, K Hofman

In Practice

A policy and decision-making framework for South African doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
K Jones-Bonofiglio, N Nortjé
Consent for critical care research after death from COVID-19: Arguments for a waiver PDF
K Moodley, B W Allwood, T M Rossouw
Reintroduction of elective paediatric otolaryngology procedures in South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
J K McGuire, J J Fagan, S Peer
Affordable digital innovation to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission among healthcare workers PDF
S Ntshalintshali, C Mnqwazi
Healthcare workers’ adherence to infection prevention and control guidelines for respiratory infectious diseases: A rapid qualitative evidence synthesis PDF
B-M Schmidt, S Cooper, A B Wiyeh, C S Wiysonge
COVID-19: The role of artificial intelligence in empowering the healthcare sector and enhancing social distancing measures during a pandemic PDF
S Mahomed
South Africa’s COVID-19 Tracing Database: Risks and rewards of which doctors should be aware PDF
J Klaaren, K Breckenridge, F Cachalia, S Fonn, M Veller
Research on COVID-19 in South Africa: Guiding principles for informed consent PDF
J de Vries, T Burgess, M Blockman, N Ntusi
Comorbidity in context: Part 1. Medical considerations around HIV and tuberculosis during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa PDF
T M Rossouw, M T Boswell, A G Nienaber, K Moodley
Comorbidity in context: Part 2. Ethicolegal considerations around HIV and tuberculosis during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa PDF
T M Rossouw, A G Nienaber, M T Boswell, K Moodley
The use of disinfection tunnels or disinfectant spraying of humans as a measure to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus PDF
C L Gray, A van Niekerk


Diabetes mellitus and COVID-19: A review and management guidance for South Africa PDF
A Coetzee, JJ Taljaard, SS Hugo, M Conradie, M Conradie-Smit, JA Dave