Vol 110, No 5 (2020)

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From the Editor

Fear, mistrust and misinformation PDF
B Farham 334


COVID-19 exposes health worker shortages in the USA and UK, but nationalism and self-interest must not exploit medical workforces from low- and middle-income countries PDF
J J Fagan, L Cairncross, B Biccard, G Fieggen, S Maswime 335
Benefit v. risk when using chloroquine in patients with severe COVID-19 disease PDF
E H Decloedt, H Reuter, B Allwood, A Parker, C F N Koegelenberg, M Blockman, J Taljaard 336
Lockdown and our national supply of blood products PDF
R D Wise, M W Gibbs, V J Louw 337
Compensation for occupationally acquired COVID-19 PDF
R George, A George 338
Decisive and strong leadership and intersectoral action from South Africa in response to the COVID-19 virus PDF
L Nkonki, S Fonn 339-340
COVID-19 and tuberculosis in South Africa: A dangerous combination PDF
J Boffa, T Mhlaba, G Sulis, S Moyo, Z Sifumba, M Pai, A Daftary 341-342
Capacity building during COVID-19: Utilising South Africa’s underutilised international medical graduates PDF
J M Le Grange, S J Dickinson, J R J Davis 343-344
Where are we in the battle of ending tuberculosis in children and adolescents in South Africa? PDF
K du Preez, J A Seddon, H S Schaaf, A C Hessling 345-346
Lamenting the changes in clinical bedside paediatric teaching at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital: More resources are needed to train effective doctors PDF
A George, Z Dangor, S G Lala 347


Gita Ramjee PDF
H M Coovadia 348

Book reviews

Handbook for the Management of Breast Cancer in a General Hospital. Ed. by Jenny Edge and Ines Buccimazza. Cape Town: Van Schaik, 2019. ISBN: 9780627036972, epub ISBN: 9780627036989 PDF
F Malherbe 349


Bioethics and self-isolation: What about low-resource settings? PDF
S Adams, G Lindeque, P Soma-Pillay 350-352
A South African cerebral palsy registry is needed PDF
T J Katangwe, R van Toorn, R S Solomons, K Donald, S Steel, P E Springer, M Kruger 353-354

In Practice

Critical care triaging in the shadow of COVID-19: Ethics considerations PDF
J A Singh, K Moodley 355-359
National Neonatal Sepsis Task Force launch: Supporting infection prevention and surveillance, outbreak investigation and antimicrobial stewardship in neonatal units in South Africa PDF
A Dramowski, S Velaphi, G Reubenson, A Bekker, O Perovic, H Finlayson, A Duse, N R Rhoda, N P Govender 360-363
Guidelines for the use of WhatsApp groups in clinical settings in South Africa PDF
C Bouter, B Venter, H Etheredge 364-368


The training of healthcare professionals: An expense or an investment? PDF
R G MacGregor, G Zihindula, L Chola, A J Ross 369-373
Bellwether operations in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, are performed at regional and tertiary rather than district hospitals PDF
A Tefera, E Lutge, D L Clarke 374-376
Sexual and gender-based violence and HIV in South Africa: An HIV facility-based study PDF
L Artz, L Klazinga, A Müller 377-381
It’s contrary – comorbidity does not affect survival of South Africans with colorectal cancer: An analysis from the Colorectal Cancer in South Africa cohort PDF
C Bouter, B Bebington, S Maphosa, H Maher, P Gaylard, H R Etheredge, J Fabian, L Prodehl, D Surridge, R L Fourie, N Harran, D Lutrin, D Bizos, P Ruff 382-388
Workers’ compensation claims for occupational tuberculosis in South African health workers: Outcomes and workers’ experiences PDF
N van de Water, A Yassi, R Ehrlich 389-395
Mind the message: Referral letter quality at a South African medical outpatient department PDF
I L Haeusler, M Sajan, A Parrish 396-399
Hanging-related injury in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa PDF
J J P Buitendag, A Ras, V Y Kong, R D Weale, J Blodgett, J L Bruce, D L Clarke, G L Laing 400-402
Postoperative infections: Aetiology, incidence and risk factors among neurosurgical patients in Mthatha, South Africa PDF
C Bokop Fotso, D T Abaver, D Muballe, S Vasaikar, T Apalata 403-408
Investigating hair zinc concentrations in children with and without atopic dermatitis PDF
N A Gray, T M Esterhuizen, N P Khumalo, D J Stein 409-415
Correlation between self-monitored mean blood glucose and average plasma glucose estimated from glycated haemoglobin in patients attending the diabetes clinic at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa PDF
M K Nkoana, A A Khine 416-421
Tuberculosis burden in stage 5 chronic kidney disease patients undergoing dialysis therapy at Livingstone Hospital, Port Elizabeth, South Africa PDF
S Ndamase, I Okpechi, H Carrara, J Black, G Calligaro, R Freercks 422-426