Vol 110, No 3 (2020)

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From the Editor

‘More dangerous than terrorism’ – the media verus the facts PDF
B Farham 169

Guest Editorial

Failing to respond to health promotion imperatives could scupper or hamper National Health Insurance efforts PDF
C D H Parry, J E Simmonds, M Freeman 170-171

Right of Reply

Genomic research and privacy: A response to Staunton et al. PDF
D W Thaldar, B Townsend 172-174
Privacy rights of human research participants in South Africa must be taken seriously PDF
D W Thaldar, B Townsend, C Staunton, R Adams, M Botes, E S Dove, L Horn, M Labuschaigne, G Loots, S Mahomed, A Olckers, M S Pepper, A Pope, M Ramsay, N Ni Loideain, J de Vries 175-176


Jan Daniel Smith PDF
P C Gordon, J J Fagan 177


The need to regulate electronic cigarettes amidst health concerns: Let’s follow the evidence PDF
C O Egbe, L London, S Kalideen, P Delobelle, I Datay 178-179

Continuing Medical Education

Thrombotic disorders (part 2) PDF
N A Alli, B Jacobson 180
Thrombotic disorders (part 2) PDF
N A Alli, J Vaughan, S Louw, E Schapkaitz, B Jacobson 181-187

In Practice

Health promotion: How government can ensure that the National Health Insurance Fund has a fighting chance PDF
M Freeman, J E Simmonds, C D H Parry 188-191
Medical cannabis: What practitioners need to know PDF
R van Rensburg, V Pillay-Fuentes Lorente, M Blockman, K Moodley, J M Wilmshurst, E H Decloedt 192-196


A retrospective description of primary immuno­deficiency diseases at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, 1975 - 2017 PDF
S Moodley, E Goddard, M Levin, C Scott, A van Eyssen, A Davidson, R De Decker, J M Wilmshurst, A Spitaels, B Eley 197-203
Factors influencing consent rates of deceased organ donation in Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
H Bookholane, A Michaelides, L Prins, L Steenkamp, B Gili, F McCurdie, L Human, D Thomson 204-209
Do electronic patient information systems improve efficiency and quality of care? An evaluation of utilisation of the Discovery HealthID application PDF
S J Reid, C Naidu, G Kantor, C J Seebregts 210-216
Impact of endemic HIV on emergency care service delivery in South Africa PDF
E A Hahn, G Mwinnyaa, A Rao, L Wallis, J Black, R Maharaj, A Pousson, S J Reynolds, T C Quinn, B Hansoti 217-222
Bodies without names: A retrospective review of unidentified decedents at Salt River Mortuary, Cape Town, South Africa, 2010 - 2017 PDF
K M Reid, L J Martin, L J Heathfield 223-228
Validation of equations to estimate glomerular filtration rate in South Africans of mixed ancestry PDF
J L Holness, K Bezuidenhout, M R Davids, J M Warwick 229-234
Evaluation of the use of low-molecular-weight heparin for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in medical patients PDF
J A du Plessis, S A van Blydenstein, M Wong 235-242
Anal squamous cell carcinoma in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, with special reference to the influence of HIV infection on clinical presentation and management outcome PDF
N P Zuma, S Ngidi, T E Madiba 243-248
Predischarge transcutaneous bilirubin screening reduces readmission rate for hyperbilirubinaemia in diverse South African newborns: A randomised controlled trial PDF
C Okwundu, V K Bhutani, J Smith, T M Esterhuizen, C Wiysonge 249-254


CPD Questions PDF