Vol 98, No 3 (2008)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Humans - a threat to humanity PDF
JP van Niekerk 163

Editor's choice

Eds choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 165


Aspirin and air travellers PDF
M Silbert 166
Huntington disease-like 2 in South Africa PDF
Jacquie Greenberg, Soraya Bardien, Jonathan Carr 166
ALCAT and IgG allergy & intolerance tests PDF
Allergy Society of South Africa Allergy Society of South Africa 167
Integrative - or integral - medicine? PDF
Bernard Brom 170


Eskom debacle; healthcare risks, frustrations climb PDF
Finally - PMTCT dual therapy PDF
Neonatal deaths - where's the national strategic intervention? PDF


Uniquely South African: Time to consider offering HIV-positive donor kidneys to HIV-infected renal failure patients? PDF
Francois Venter, Sarala Naicker, Ames Dhai, June Fabian, Shoyab Wadee, Russel Britz, Graham Paget, Graeme Meintjes 182
Treating adolescents in South Africa: Time for adolescent medicine units? PDF
Daniela Cristina Stefan, Pieter-Luttig Van Der Merwe 184
Multiple primary small bowel carcinomas presenting with anaemia and intussusception. PDF
Tuen Bissetty, Sandie Rutherford Thomson 188


Johannes Daniel Visser PDF
Etienne Jacques Theron 190
Lafras Marais Steyn PDF
David Marshall Dent 190
Hans (Johannes Jacobus) Loock, 4th November 1930-17th September 2007 PDF
James Loock, Diane Nel (Loock) 191

Book reviews

Paediatric trauma and child abuse PDF
Heinz Rode 192


Genetic testing for Huntington disease in South Africa PDF
Amanda Krause, Leslie Jacqueline Greenberg 193

Scientific letters

Identifying flies used for maggot debridement therapy PDF
Kirstin Williams, Frans Cronje, Lida Avenant, Martin Villet 196
Regional clinical registry data show increased incidence of cutaneous melanoma in Cape Town, South Africa PDF
Sue Jessop, Helen Stubbings, Jackie Duncan-Smith, Rauf Sayed, Johan Schneider, Henry Jordaan 197

Original articles

Huntington's Disease Genetic Heterogeneity In African Patients PDF
Daliwonga Sithembele Magazi, A Krause, V Bonev, M Moagi, Z Iqbal, M Dludla, C H van der Meyden 200
Predictors of Mortality in Patients Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy in PDF
Bisola Olubunmi Ojikutu 204
Messages about dual contraception in areas of high HIV prevalence are not heeded PDF
Nokuthula Ngubane, Deven Patel, Marie-Louise Newell, Hoosen M Coovadia, Nigel Rollins, Anna Coutsoudis, Ruth Margaret Bland 209
Patients with severe mental illness: A new approach for testing for HIV PDF
John Anton Joska 213
Ethics and surgical training in Ancient India - a cue for current practice PDF
Bhugwan Singh, Swami Saradananda 218


Influenza Guideline for South Africa: Update 2008 PDF
Robin John Green 223-230


CPD Questionnaire PDF