Vol 109, No 12 (2019)

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From the Editor

Thank you from SAMA and the editors PDF
B Farham 895-897


Role of clinical informatics in the implementation of universal health coverage PDF
T C R Maimela, M N Mutshekwane, D Basu 898


‘Getting out of the dark’: Implications of load shedding on healthcare in South Africa and strategies to enhance preparedness PDF
A E Laher, B J van Aardt, A D Craythorne, M van Welie, D M Malinga, S Madi 899-901

In Practice

Child health, infant formula funding and South African health professionals: Eliminating conflict of interest PDF
L Lake, M Kroon, D Sanders, A Goga, C Witten, R Swart, H Saloojee, C Scott, M Manyuha, T Doherty 902-906
Is it time for South Africa to end the routine high-dose vitamin A supplementation programme? PDF
A Coutsoudis, D Sanders, M A Dhansay, M E van Stuijvenberg, C S Benn 907-910
The ketamine crisis: Does South Africa have a plan B? PDF
S Wall, V Bangalee 911-913
Training South African clinician-scientists: Lessons from the University of Cape Town’s intercalated programme PDF
R J Burman, T J de Wet, M Amoni, K M Düsterwald, D M Favara, M Setshedi, C L Rametse, A A Katz 914-918


Descriptive analysis of World Health Organization-recommended second-line antiretroviral treatment: A retrospective cohort data analysis PDF
S B Gumede, A Fischer, W D F Venter, S T Lalla-Edward 919-926
Stillbirth risk across pregnancy by size for gestational age in Western Cape Province, South Africa: Application of the fetuses-at-risk approach using perinatal audit data PDF
T Lavin, R C Pattinson, L Nedkoff, S Gebhardt, D B Preen 927-933
Surveillance and comparison of antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of ESKAPE organisms isolated from patients with bacteraemia in South Africa, 2016 - 2017 PDF
H Ismail, W Lowman, C N Govind, K Swe Swe-Han, M R B Maloba, C Bamford, O Perovic 934-940
The pH of lye and no-lye hair relaxers, including those advertised for children, is at levels that are corrosive to the skin PDF
V N B Sishi, J C van Wyk, N P Khumalo 941-946
Outcome determinants of urethroplasty in the management of inflammatory anterior urethral strictures PDF
F M Claassen, S B A Mutambirwa, L Potgieter, L Botes, H F Kotze, F E Smit 947-951
The accuracy of a point-of-care test among different operators using the QBC Autoread Plus Analyzer for the measurement of a basic full blood count PDF
W Laney, R Mawelele, S Omar 952-956
A diabetes profile of the eight districts in the public health sector, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa PDF
N Sahadew, V S Singaram 957-962
Prevalence of low serum testosterone levels among men with type 2 diabetes mellitus attending two outpatient diabetes clinics in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
I M Paruk, F J Pirie, N M Nkwanyana, A A Motala 963-970
The prevalence and characteristics of moderate- to high-risk regulated and unregulated substance use among patients admitted to four public hospitals in Tshwane, South Africa PDF
A P Scheibe, N R Gloeck, S Shelly, T S Marcus, J Hugo 971-977


CPD Questions PDF