Vol 109, No 8b (2019)

Special edition of the SAMJ devoted to cell and gene therapy

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Special edition of the SAMJ devoted to cell and gene therapy PDF
M S Pepper

Original articles

Primary immunodeficiency in Africa – a review PDF
A Erjaee, M Bagherpour, C van Rooyen, S van den Berg, C J Kinnear, R J Green, M Pepper 3-11
Gene and cell therapy in South Africa: Current status and future prospects PDF
A Ely, K Bloom, M B Maepa, J N Mahlangu, M S Pepper, P Arbuthnot 12-16
Stem cell tourism and spinal cord injury in South Africa PDF
M Skeen, C Eksteen, M Pepper 17-23
Heterogeneity of cell therapy products PDF
E Wolmarans, J Mellet, MA Ambele, C Durandt, M S Pepper 24-28
Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) diversity and clinical applications in South Africa PDF
J Mellet, M Tshabalala, O Agbedare, PWA Meyer, C M Gray, M S Pepper 29-34
Bioprinting: Prospects, considerations and challenges for application in South African clinical environments PDF
S Fanucci, M W Barwick, E Prinsloo 34-39
HIV and haematopoiesis PDF
C Durandt, JC Potgieter, J Mellet, Candice Herd, R Khoosal, J G Nel, T Rossouw, M S Pepper 40-45
Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in South Africa: Current limitations and future perspectives PDF
S Grobbelaar, A E Mercier, E Verburgh, D Brittain, M S Pepper 46-52
Therapeutic genome engineering: Implications for South Africa PDF
J Naidoo, E Fok, J Scholefield 53-57
Cellular regenerative therapy for acquired noncongenital musculoskeletal disorders PDF
C U Niesler, M van de Vyver, K H Myburgh 58-63
Transplantation of gene-modified haematopoietic stem cells: Application and clinical considerations PDF
M Alessandrini, K-H Krause, R F Speck, M S Pepper 64-69
Stem cell therapy for neurological disorders PDF
M Alessandrini, O Preynat-Seauve, K de Bruin, M S Pepper 70-77
Towards the future of blood transfusion – the South African National Blood Service’s perspectives on cellular therapeutic services and products PDF
J Thomson, C Poole, K van den Berg


CPD questionnaire PDF