Vol 109, No 9 (2019)

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Guest Editorial

Climate change and adolescents in South Africa: The role of youth activism and the health sector in safeguarding adolescents’ health and education PDF
M F Chersich, F Scorgie, C Y Wright, S Mullick, A Mathee, J Hess, M Richter, H Rees 615-619


The infectious diseases specialty in South Africa is in crisis PDF
T Boyles, M Mendelson, N Govender, N du Plessis 620-621


Sean Sellars PDF
J Fagan, J P de V van Niekerk 622
Stephen Morrison PDF
S Benatar, E Bateman 623


Surgery as a component of universal healthcare: Where is South Africa? PDF
C L Reddy, E M Makasa, B Biccard, M Smith, E Steyn, G Fieggen, S Maswime, J G Meara, K Chu 624-625

In Practice

Increasing deceased organ donor numbers in Johannesburg, South Africa: 18-month results of the Wits Transplant Procurement Model PDF
M de Jager, C Wilmans, J Fabian, J F Botha, H R Etheredge 626-631
Registration of amiloride in South Africa: Cutting the Gordian knot PDF
B L Rayner, J D Spence, A Bryer, M T Mpe 632-634
Emergency management of calcium channel blocker overdose PDF
V S Stephen, N A Pluymers, S J Gauton 635-638


Home therapy for inherited bleeding disorders in South Africa: Results of a modified Delphi consensus process PDF
J N Mahlangu, Y Naidoo, Y Goga, M Vaithlingum, J Joubert, C Sutton, J Potgieter, A-L Cruickshank, A Iorio 639-644
Factors influencing decisions to admit or refuse patients entry to a South African tertiary intensive care unit PDF
P D Gopalan, K de Vasconcellos 645-651
Symptomatic congenital syphilis in a tertiary neonatal unit in Cape Town, South Africa: High morbidity and mortality in a preventable disease PDF
S Pillay, L J Tooke 652-658
Prevalence of isoniazid resistance-conferring mutations associated with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Free State Province, South Africa PDF
L Pitso, S Potgieter, A van der Spoel van Dijk 659-664
Hypertension in pregnancy: A future risk for chronic kidney disease in South Africa PDF
E Jones, B L Rayner 665-667
The prevalence of burnout among registrars in the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
C Zeijlemaker, S Moosa 668-672
Role of family history and clinical screening in the identification of families with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
C Bailly, S Henriques, N Tsabedze, A Krause 673-678
Treatment outcomes among HIV-positive orphaned and non-orphaned children on antiretroviral therapy in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
C Hendrickson, D Evans, A T Brennan, S Patz, S Untiedt, J Bassett, L Levin, I Sanne, M P Fox 679-685
Monitoring diagnosis, retention in care and viral load suppression in children testing HIV polymerase chain reaction-positive in two districts in South Africa PDF
F Moyo, A Haeri Mazanderani, U D Feucht, K Ngoma, S Bhardwaj, M Goosen, D Greyling, O B Mhlongo, G G Sherman 686-692
An analysis of adverse events and human error associated with the imaging of patients at a major trauma centre in South Africa PDF
A A Bashir, V Y Kong, J J P Buitendag, V Manchev, W Bekker, J L Bruce, G L Laing, P Brysiewicz, D L Clarke 693-697
Neural tube defect diagnosis and outcomes at a tertiary South African hospital with intensive case ascertainment PDF
E I Krzesinski, L Geerts, M F Urban 698-703


Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: 2019 National guideline PDF
J Moodley, P Soma-Pillay, E Buchmann, R C Pattinson


CPD Questions PDF