Vol 109, No 8 (2019)

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From the Editor

Caster Semenya – the questionable practice of gender verification PDF
B Farham 543


New recurring BRCA1 variant: An additional South African founder mutation? PDF
S A Gardiner, D Smith, F Loubser, P Raimond, J Gerber, M Conradie 544
The need for stronger child restraint laws PDF
A Janmohammed, P Attwood, P Mtambeka, M Prinsloo, M Peden 545


The case for stool banks in South Africa PDF
E Fredericks, E Hoosien, A Brink 546-547

In Practice

Global injustice in sport: The Caster Semenya ordeal – prejudice, discrimination and racial bias PDF
S Mahomed, A Dhai 548-551
Would it be ethical or legal for doctors in South Africa to administer testosterone-reducing drugs to Caster Semenya? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 552-554
Tuberculosis infection control in a South African rural regional hospital emergency centre: Prioritisation for patients and healthcare workers PDF
S A Scott, N van Zyl Smit, L S Jenkins 555-558
Migration of etonogestrel contraceptive implants: Implications for difficult removals services need in southern Africa PDF
G A Petro, T Spence, J-P du Plessis, A M Gertz, C Morroni 559-561


Factors associated with missed and delayed DTP3 vaccination in children aged 12 - 59 months in two communities in South Africa, 2012 - 2013 PDF
T N Mthiyane, C Cohen, S A Norris, S Walaza, S Tempia, A L Cohen, A von Gottberg, C von Mollendorf 562-569
Detection of splenic microabscesses with ultrasound as a marker for extrapulmonary tuberculosis in patients with HIV: A systematic review PDF
J M Schafer, J Welwarth, V Novack, D Balk, T Beals, L Naraghi, E K Khattab, B Hoffmann 570-576
An analysis of the direct cost of renal dialysis provided through a public-private partnership at a tertiary hospital in Limpopo Province, South Africa PDF
T A Malatji, J Wamukuo, F L M Hyera 577-581
Hepatitis E virus in patients with acute hepatitis in Cape Town, South Africa, 2011 PDF
S Korsman, D Hardie, M Kaba 582-583
Hepatitis E in pig-derived food products in Cape Town, South Africa, 2014 PDF
S Korsman, J Bloemberg, M Brombacher, A Giuricich, R P Halley-Stott, M Kaba 584-586
An observational study of safe and risky practices in funeral homes in South Africa PDF
A Ringane, M Milovanovic, D Maphakula, F Makete, T Omar, N Martinson, L Lebina 587-591
The changing landscape of infective endocarditis in South Africa PDF
M C de Villiers, C A Viljoen, K Manning, C van der Westhuizen, A Seedat, M Rath, M Graham, M Ntsekhe 592-596
Trends and inequities in amenable mortality between 1997 and 2012 in South Africa PDF
I Neethling, P Groenewald, H Schneider, D Bradshaw 597-604


IAP ASSA SAGES Congress 2019: 16 - 20 August, Cape Town International Convention Centre PDF


CPD Questions PDF