Vol 108, No 10 (2018)

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Guest Editorial

The prevalence of child sexual abuse in South Africa: The Optimus Study South Africa PDF
L Artz, C L Ward, L Leoschut, R Kassanjee, P Burton 791-792


Role of procalcitonin in paediatric burn wound sepsis PDF
R Martinez, H Rode 793-794
Child mortality in South Africa: Is the Sustainable Development Goal (3.2) target achievable with current efforts? PDF
T Doherty, M Kroon, N Rhoda, D Sanders 795
Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli harbouring mcr-1 gene isolated from pigs in South Africa PDF
L L Founou, R C Founou, M Allam, A Ismail, S Y Essack 796-797

Book reviews

Medical Malpractice in South Africa. By John Saner. Durban: LexisNexis South Africa, 2018. ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-639-00145-6 PDF
Y Guidozzi 798


Andrew Burger Murray PDF
A Davison 799


Developing an advocacy agenda for increasing access to opioid substitution therapy as part of comprehensive services for people who use drugs in South Africa PDF
A Scheibe, M Marks, S Shelly, T Gerardy, A K Domingo, J Hugo 800-802
Towards timely diagnosis of symptomatic breast and cervical cancer in South Africa PDF
J Moodley, F M Walter, S E Scott, A M Mwaka 803-804
Use of the consent provisions of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act for live births by caesarean section when unable to follow the procedures in the Children’s Act PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 805

Continuing Medical Education

‘Red flags’ in pregnancy: Reducing maternal mortality through assessment of maternal deaths PDF
J Moodley 806
Acute severe headaches in pregnancy are a ‘red flag’: A review based on case reports and key messages for healthcare practioneers PDF
J Moodley, N Mayat, N Moran 807-808
Spontaneous liver haematoma rupture associated with pre-eclampsia in a low- to middle-income country: Lessons to be learnt from maternal death assessments PDF
J Moodley, N C Ngene 809-812

In Practice

Mortality analysis of people with severe mental illness transferred from long-stay hospital to alternative care in the Life Esidimeni tragedy PDF
L J Robertson, M W Makgoba 813-817
Neonatal listeriosis during a countrywide epidemic in South Africa: A tertiary hospital’s experience PDF
A Dramowski, L G Lloyd, A Bekker, S Holgate, M Aucamp, K Reddy, H Finlayson 818-827
Research ethics committees in a tight spot: Approving consent strategies for child research that are prima facie illegal but are ethical in terms of national guidelines PDF
A E Strode, P P Singh, C M Slack, D R Wassenaar 828-832
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis flare due to rice bodies in the knee of a 10-year-old girl PDF
G Faller, M Haagensen, M Barrow 833-835


Appendicectomy in private practice in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
R P Mills, D L Clarke, V Y Kong 836-838
Preoperative anaemia and clinical outcomes in the South African Surgical Outcomes Study PDF
D Marsicano, N Hauser, F Roodt, E Cloete, W Conradie, V Morford, D Nel, D G Bishop, T E Madiba, B M Biccard; on behalf of the South African Surgical Outcomes Study investigators 839-846
Preoperative serum sodium measurements and postoperative inpatient mortality: A case-control analysis of data from the South African Surgical Outcomes Study PDF
M Ramburuth, Y Moodley, P D Gopalan 847-851
‘Going the extra mile’: Supervisors’ perspectives on what makes a ‘good’ intern PDF
M de Villiers, B van Heerden, S van Schalkwyk 852-857
Retrospective case-series analysis of haematological malignancies in goldmining areas of South Africa PDF
T Inamasu, M Patel, C Espina, A Pentz, M Joffe, F Winde, J Schüz 858-864
Is the intravenous giving set a reliable alternative to the spinal manometer in measuring cerebrospinal fluid opening pressure? PDF
T A Mogambery, A Moodley, C Connolly 865-869
Can routine inpatient mortality data improve HIV mortality estimates? Inpatient mortality at an urban hospital in South Africa PDF
L C Long, D Evans, S Rosen, C Sauls, A T Brennan, I M Sanne, M P Fox 870-875
The demographic and clinical profiles of women presenting with vaginal discharge syndrome at primary care facilities in South Africa: Associations with age and implications for management PDF
T Kufa, L Gumede, D V Maseko, F Radebe, R Kularatne 876-880


CPD questionnaire PDF