Vol 108, No 4 (2018)

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Guest Editorial

Tuberculin conversion and tuberculosis disease in infants and young children from the Drakenstein Child Health Study: A call to action PDF
L Martinez, H J Zar 247-248


Celebrating 50 years of heart transplant surgery: A missed opportunity to honour Hamilton Naki PDF
P Zilla, J Brink, T Pennel 249
Considerations regarding point-of-care testing PDF
V Gounden 250
Pan drug-resistant Serratia marcescens: An emerging threat PDF
K Moodley, A K C Peer, C N Govind 251


30 days in medicine PDF


Prof. Alpheus Mabose Segone PDF
M Sathekge, S Mutambirwa 253


Life-threatening hereditary angio-oedema: Challenges of care in South Africa PDF
P Potter, J Peter 254-255

Continuing Medical Education

Dyslipidaemia in South Africa PDF
N Ntusi 256-257
Elevated triglycerides: A matter of the heart and pancreas PDF
D J Blom 258-261
Novel approaches to lipid-lowering therapy PDF
D Brozin, F J Raal 262-265
Laboratory investigations in lipidology PDF
J A Rusch, C L Hudson, A D Marais 266-270

In Practice

A proposed management algorithm for late-onset efavirenz neurotoxicity PDF
H M Cross, S Chetty, M T Asukile, H S Hussey, E B Lee Pan, L M Tucker 271-274
The current aetiology of malignant pleural effusion in the Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
C F N Koegelenberg, S M Bennji, E Boer, P T Schubert, J A Shaw, B W Allwood, E M Irusen 275-277


Blood and virus detection on barber clippers PDF
Z Spengane, S Korsman, K Mkentane, L M Davids, W Zemanay, M Africa, S Mbhele, M Nicol, F Gumedze, D Ngwanya, N P Khumalo 278-282
Hereditary angio-oedema in the Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
K M Coovadia, M-Y Chothia, S G Baker, J G Peter, P C Potter 283-290
Feasibility and acceptability of conducting HIV vaccine trials in adolescents in South Africa: Going beyond willingness to participate towards implementation PDF
M Wallace, K Middelkoop, P Smith, C Pike, T Bennie, J Chandia, G Churchyard, G Gray, M H Latka, M Mathebula, M Nchabeleng, S Roux, C Slack, A Strode, L-G Bekker 291-298
Understanding the types of fraud in claims to South African medical schemes PDF
T G Legotlo, A Mutezo 299-303
Antibiotic prescribing practice and adherence to guidelines in primary care in the Cape Town Metro District, South Africa PDF
J Gasson, M Blockman, B Willems 304-310
Impact of ‘Ideal Clinic’ implementation on patient waiting time in primary healthcare clinics in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa: A before-and-after evaluation PDF
B A Egbujie, A Grimwood, E C Mothibi-Wabafor, G Fatti, A M E T Tshabalala, S Allie, G Vilakazi, O Oyebanji 311-318
Near-real-time tracking of gaps in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in three districts of KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
F Moyo, A Haeri Mazanderani, S Bhardwaj, O B Mhlongo, T Kufa, K Ng'oma, B A Smith, G G Sherman 319-324
Hypertension as the trigger for posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in paediatric renal patients: An important diagnosis that should not be missed PDF
J K Strong, K L Petersen, U Kala 325-328
Evaluating the effect of ward-based outreach teams on primary healthcare performance in North West Province, South Africa: A plausibility design using routine data PDF
T Assegaai, G Reagon, H Schneider 329-335
An investigation of barriers to the use of the World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist in theatres PDF
S Verwey, P D Gopalan 336-341
The usefulness of routine histological examination of appendicectomy specimens in a South African tertiary centre PDF
O O Jolayemi, N B Moodley, V Y Kong, B Tlou, J L Bruce, D L Clarke 342-346
Potential latitudinal variation in orodigestive tract cancers in Africa PDF
H A Adeola, A O Adefuye, S A Jimoh 347-351
Seasonal variations in Schistosoma haematobium egg excretion in school-age girls in rural KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
E E Christensen, M Taylor, S G Zulu, K Lillebo, S G Gundersen, S Holmen, E Kleppa, B J Vennervald, P D Ndhlovu, E F Kjetland 352-355


CPD questionnaire PDF