Vol 108, No 2 (2018)

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Guest Editorial

Early-life exposures to environmental tobacco smoke and indoor air pollution in the Drakenstein Child Health Study: Impact on child health PDF
A Vanker, R P Gie, H J Zar 71-72


The African Hospitalist Fellowship PDF
A Westwood 73


30 days in medicine PDF

In Practice

Failure to perform assisted deliveries is resulting in an increased neonatal and maternal morbidity and mortality: An expert opinion PDF
R C Pattinson, V Vannevel, D Barnard, S Baloyi, G S Gebhardt, K le Roux, N Moran, J Moodley 75-78
Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir) pre-exposure prophylaxis roll-out among South African university students: Lots of positives, but let us keep an eye on possible surprises PDF
K Montjane, S Dlamini, C Dandara 79-81
Is there transparency in the pricing of medicines in the South African private sector? PDF
V Bangalee, F Suleman 82-83
Burkitt's lymphoma: The prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the outcome of treatment PDF
P B Hesseling, F Kouya, E Katayi, G Mbah, P Wharin 84-85


The development of hospital-based palliative care services in public hospitals in the Western Cape, South Africa PDF
L Gwyther, R Krause, C Cupido, J Stanford, H Grey, T Credé, A de Vos, J Arendse, P Raubenheimer 86-89
Validation of the Simplified Motor Score in patients with traumatic brain injury at a major trauma centre in South Africa PDF
J J P Buitendag, A Ras, V Y Kong, J L Bruce, G L Laing, D L Clarke, P Brysiewicz 90-93


Clinical characteristics and causes of heart failure, adherence to treatment guidelines, and mortality of patients with acute heart failure: Experience at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa PDF
P Z Szymanski, M Badri, B M Mayosi 94-98
Neonatal and paediatric bloodstream infections: Pathogens, antimicrobial resistance patterns and prescribing practice at Khayelitsha District Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa PDF
H Crichton, N O'Connell, H Rabie, A C Whitelaw, A Dramowski 99-104
Characteristics and early outcomes of children and adolescents treated with darunavir/ritonavir-, raltegravir- or etravirine-containing antiretroviral therapy in the Western Cape Province of South Africa PDF
J Nuttall, V Pillay 105-110
Heroin detoxification during pregnancy: A systematic review and retrospective study of the management of heroin addiction in pregnancy PDF
K V Gilfillan, L Dannatt, D J Stein, B Vythilingum 111-117
Colorectal cancer in South Africa: An assessment of disease presentation, treatment pathways and 5-year survival PDF
M Brand, P Gaylard, J Ramos 118-122
Safety and affordability of an elective Saturday list at Pietersburg Hospital, Limpopo, South Africa PDF
M M Z U Bhuiyan, R Mavhungu 123-125
Physical activity levels in urban-based South African learners: A cross-sectional study of 7 348 participants PDF
A van Biljon, A J McKune, K D DuBose, U Kolanisi, S J Semple 126-131
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency in South Africa PDF
Y Ganie, C Aldous, Y Balakrishna, R Wiersma 132-137
Five-year follow-up of participants diagnosed with chronic airflow obstruction in a South African Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) survey PDF
B W Allwood, R Gillespie, M Bateman, H Olckers, L Taborda-Barata, G L Calligaro, R van Zyl-Smit, C B Cooper, N Beyers, E D Bateman 138-143


Acne in South African black adults: A retrospective study in the private sector PDF


CPD questionnaire PDF