Vol 106, No 3 (2016)

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From the Editor

The Age of the Acquisitors – girls and women beware PDF
Janet Seggie 223-224

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
Janet Seggie 225-226


SANS 444:2014. A new standard for small-ampoule labelling and a chance to reduce drug administration errors in South Africa PDF PDF
Anthony Raddon Reed, Peter Crichton Gordon 227
Barber as infectious agent PDF
Deepak Modi, Zateen Modi, Shan Naidoo 227
The burden of drug overdose on critical care units in East London, South Africa PDF
Kirsten Rowe 227-228


SA professor and US engineer transform disabled babies’ lives PDF


Arnold Waldemar Wiiid PDF
Robert M Kaplan 231


Is South Africa at risk for Zika virus disease? PDF
Petrus Jansen van Vuren, Jacqueline Weyer, Alan Kemp, Veerle Dermaux-Msimang, Kerrigan McCarthy, Lucille Blumberg, Janusz Paweska 232-233
Could we offer mitochondrial donation or similar assisted reproductive technology to South African patients with mitochondrial DNA disease? PDF
Surita Meldau, Gillian Riordan, Francois van der Westhuizen, Joanna L Elson, Izelle Smuts, Michael S Pepper, Himla Soodyall 234-236

Continuing Medical Education

Cardiovascular medicine in primary healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa: Minimum standards for practice (part 3) PDF
Gboyega Ogunbanjo, Ntobeko A B Ntusi 237-238
Approach to chest pain and acute myocardial infarction PDF
Shaheen Pandie, Derek Hellenberg, Farrel Hellig, Mpiko Ntsekhe 239-245
An approach to the patient with a suspected tachycardia in the emergency department PDF
Ashley Chin, Brian Vezi, Mosedi Namane, Hellmuth Weich, Rob Scott-Millar 246-250

In Practice

Recommendations pertaining to the use of influenza vaccines and influenza antiviral drugs, 2016 PDF
Sibongile Walaza, Cheryl Cohen 251-253
Digitotalar dysmorphism: Molecular elucidation PDF
Anna Alvera Vorster, Peter Beighton, Rajkumar Sewcharan Ramesar 253-255
Amendments to the Sexual Offences Act dealing with consensual underage sex: Implications for doctors and researchers PDF
Suhayfa Bhamjee, Zaynab Essack, Ann Elaine Strode 256-259
The value of internal medicine outreach in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa PDF
Robert Ian Caldwell, Bernhard Gaede, Colleen Aldous 259-262
A subepidermal blistering disorder PDF
Yusuf Moolla 263


Breast cancer in high-risk Afrikaner families: Is BRCA founder mutation testing sufficient? PDF
Heather Jessica Seymour, Tasha Wainstein, Shelley Macaulay, Tabitha Haw, Amanda Krause 264-267
Knowledge regarding basic concepts of hereditary cancers, and the available genetic counselling and testing services: A survey of general practitioners in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
Chantel van Wyk, Tina-Mariѐ Wessels, Jennifer G R Kromberg, Amanda Krause 268-271
A clinical and molecular investigation of two South African families with Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome PDF
Careni Spencer, Karen Fieggen, Anna Vorster, Peter Beighton 272-275
Alpha-thalassaemia trait as a cause of unexplained microcytosis in a South African population PDF
Sakina Bibi Loonat, Nitien Hira Naran, Swee Lay Thein, Nazeer Ahmed Alli 276-279
Validation of the CoaguChek XS international normalised ratio point-of-care analyser in patients at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, South Africa PDF
E L Benade, B F Jacobson, S Louw, E Schapkaitz 280-283
High prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in Durban South African Indians: The Phoenix Lifestyle Project PDF
Dorcas Rosaley Prakaschandra, Tonya M Esterhuizen, Ayesha A Motala, Prem Gathiram, Datshana Prakesh Naidoo 284-289
Comorbidity of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases among the elderly residing close to mine dumps in South Africa: A cross-sectional study. PDF
V Nkosi, J Wichmann, K Voyi 290-297
A cohort study of elderly people in Bloemfontein, South Africa, to determine health-related quality of life and functional abilities PDF
Anthonie Marthinus Gerber, Riaan Botes, Arnelle Mostert, Annelize Vorster, Erik Buskens 298-301
Children with disabling chronic conditions in the Western health subdistrict of Cape Town, South Africa: Estimating numbers and service gaps PDF
Andrew Redfern, Anthony Westwood, Kirsten A Donald 302-307
Providers’ perceptions of the implementation of a performance measurement system for substance abuse treatment: A process evaluation of the Service Quality Measures initiative PDF
Bronwyn Myers, Petal Petersen Williams, Kim Johnson, Rajen Govender, Ron Manderscheid, J Randy Koch 308-311


CPD questionnaire PDF