Vol 105, No 12 (2015)

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Guest Editorial

Climate change, public health and COP21 – a South African perspective PDF
Caradee Yael Wright, Mary Norval, Patricia N Albers 997-998

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
Janet Seggie 999


A matter of context – time to clinically validate 9-month infant HIV testing in South Africa(?) PDF
Ahmad Haeri Mazanderani, Lee Fairlie, Caitlin Anna Madevu-Matson, Vivian Black, Gayle G Sherman 1000-1001
Rural district hospitals: Ambulance services, staff attitudes, and other impediments to healthcare delivery PDF
John Du Toit Zaaijman 1001
Gonadal pathology in a girl with 45,X/46,XY mosaicism PDF
Tanja Kemp, Lizl Smith, Simon Akerman 1001-1002


SAMA president, medicopolitical veteran, psychiatrist and treatment pioneer. PDF
Attacking 'prejudice' against generics could save SA billions PDF


Ebola: Experiences from the field - Liberia PDF
Rosie Burton 1006-1008
Ebola: Personal view from the field – Sierra Leone PDF
Tom Hilary Boyles 1008-1009
Is it ever justified for doctors to sue their patients whose allegations against them have been dismissed by the courts or the Health Professions Council of South Africa? PDF
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 1010-1011


Reflections on ethical challenges associated with the Ebola epidemic PDF
Solomon Robert Benatar 1012-1013
#FeesMustFall and the campaign for universal health coverage PDF
Jane Doherty, Di McInytre 1014-1015
Growing genomic research on the African continent: The H3Africa Consortium PDF
Michèle Ramsay 1016-1017


Climate change is catchy – but when will it really hurt? PDF
N A Sweijd, C Y Wright, A Westwood, M Rouault, W A Landman, M L MacKenzie, J J C Nuttall, H Mahomed, T Cousins, K Winter, F Berhoozi, B Kalule, P Kruger, T Govender, N Minakawa 1018-1023


School students’ knowledge and understanding of the Global Solar Ultraviolet Index PDF
Caradee Yael Wright, Anthony I Reeder, Patricia Nicole Albers 1024-1029
Molecular characterisation and epidemiological investigation of an outbreak of blaOXA-181 carbapenemase-producing isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae in South Africa PDF
Rachael Kiera Jacobson, Mohnamed Riyadh Manesen, Clinton Moodley, Mariette Smith, Seymour Williams, Mark Nicol, Colleen Bamford 1030-1035
Measurement of viral load by the automated Abbott real-time HIV-1 assay using dried blood spots collected and processed in Malawi and Mozambique PDF
Fulvio Erba, Davide Brambilla, Susanna Ceffa, Fausto Ciccacci, Richard Luhanga, Zita Sidumo, Leonardo Palombi, Sandro Mancinelli, Maria Cristina Marazzi, Mauro Andreotti, Marina Giuliano 1036-1038
Time for a culture change? Suboptimal compliance with blood culture standards at a district hospital in Cape Town PDF
Mohammad Shareef Abrahams, Andrew C Whitelaw, Heidi Orth 1039-1043
Diagnosing childhood pulmonary tuberculosis using a single sputum specimen on Xpert MTB/RIF at point of care PDF
Natasha Gous, Lesley E Scott, Sonjiha Khan, Gary Reubenson, Ashraf Coovadia, Wendy Stevens 1044-1048
The diagnostic accuracy of integrated positron emission tomography/computed tomography in the evaluation of pulmonary mass lesions in a tuberculosis-endemic area PDF
R du Toit, J A Shaw, E M Irusen, F von Groote-Bidlingmaier, J M Warwick, C F N Koegelenberg 1049-1052
Diabetes mellitus and non-traumatic lower extremity amputations in four public sector hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa, during 2009 and 2010 PDF
Graeme L Dunbar, Derek A Hellenberg, Naomi Levitt 1053-1056
Investigating the association between diabetes mellitus, depression and psychological distress in a cohort of South African teachers PDF
Abdul Kader Domingo, Laila Asmal, Soraya Seedat, Tonya M Esterhuizen, Carien Laurence, Jimmy Volmink 1057-1060
An electronic colonoscopy record system enables detailed quality assessment and benchmarking of an endoscopic service PDF
A Benamro, J L Bruce, D L Clarke 1061-1063
Dyspepsia prevalence and impact on quality of life among Rwandan healthcare workers: A cross-sectional survey PDF
Remy Bitwayiki, Judy T Orikiiriza, Fredrick Kateera, Pascal Bihizimana, Ben Karenzi, Patrick Kyamanywa, Tim D Walker 1064-1069

Continuing Medical Education

Musculoskeletal disorders – disease burden and challenges in the developing world PDF
Ayanda Gcelu, Asgar Ali Kalla 1070-1071
Lupus nephritis: A simplified approach to diagnosis and treatment in South Africa PDF
Ikechi G Okpechi, Ayanda Gcelu, Oluwatoyin I Ameh 1071-1074
Evidence-based treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus and its complications PDF
Bridget Hodkinson, Mohamed Amin Makda 1075
A clinical update on paediatric lupus PDF
Graeme William Spittal, Laura B Lewandowski, Chris Scott 1075
Infections in the management of rheumatic diseases: An update PDF
Stella-Alet Botha-Scheepers, Brian Sarembock 1076
Meeting the challenges in the diagnosis of inflammatory myopathies PDF
Mouroed Manie 1076
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis – an update on its diagnosis and management PDF
Chris Scott, Nicky Brice 1077
Approach to lower back pain PDF
Farzana Moosajee, Asgar Ali Kalla 1077
Gout and hyperuricaemia PDF
Mogamat Nur Abrahams 1078


CPD questionnaire PDF