Vol 104, No 7 (2014)

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From the Editor

On mentorship PDF
Janet Seggie 453

Guest Editorial

Health systems science can learn from medicine’s evidence revolution PDF
Hannah Kikaya 454

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
Janet Seggie 455


Mammography reporting at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa PDF
Richard Pitcher, Jan Lotz, Christelle Ackermann, Asif Bagadia, Razaan Davis, Anne-Marie du Plessis, Stephanie Griffith-Richards, Retha Hattingh, Georg Wagener, Justus Apffelstaedt, Lisa Dalmayer, Karin Baatjes 456-457
Recommendations for the handling of fluorescent lamps in public schools in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
Wellington Siziba, Nisha Naicker, Angela Mathee, André Swart 457
A rose by any other name is an Emergency Department PDF
Lara Nicole Goldstein 457-458


Certificate of Need: Legal nightmare in the making? PDF
Exchange rate hurting chronic drug suppliers – but ARV pipeline safe, says govt PDF
Women doctors have a rougher time – new association born PDF


Manilal Damodar Daya PDF
Sats S Pillay 465
R B K (Ron) Tucker PDF
Olliver Ransome 465


Can children aged 12 years or more refuse life-saving treatment without consent or assistance from anyone else? PDF
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 466-467
National expenditure on health research in South Africa: What is the benchmark? PDF
J Paruk, J M Blackburn, I B Friedman, B M Mayosi 468-474
The RWOPS debate – yes we can! PDF
Allan Taylor, Delawir Kahn 475-477


A global call for action to combat antimicrobial resistance: Can we get it right this time? PDF
Marc Mendelson, Malebona Precious Matsoso 478-479
Professional competence and professional misconduct in South Africa PDF
Solly Benatar 480-482


Self-reported use of evidence-based medicine and smoking cessation 6 - 9 months after acute coronary syndrome: A single-centre perspective PDF
Bradley Griffiths, Maia Lesosky, Mpiko Ntsekhe 483-487
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use in Cape Town, South Africa: A pilot study PDF
Daniël J van Hoving, Clint Hendrikse, Rachel Jacoba Gerber, Marion Sinclair, Lee Allen Wallis 488-492
Predicting outcome in severe traumatic brain injury using a simple prognostic model PDF
Simpiwe Sobuwa, Henry Benjamin Hartzenberg, Heike Geduld, Corrie Uys 492-494
Assessing adherence to the 2010 antiretroviral guidelines at the antiretroviral rollout clinic in 1 Military Hospital, South Africa: A retrospective, cross sectional study PDF
Alicia Khululwa Khwitshana, Oppel B W Greeff, Tracey Hurrell 495-500
Childhood cancer survival rates in two South African units PDF
David K Stones, Gerhard P de Bruin, Tonya M Esterhuizen, Daniela Cristina Stefan 501-504

Continuing Medical Education

Paediatric palliative medicine PDF
Patricia Lück 505-506
When is the right time? Complex issues around withdrawing life-sustaining treatment in children PDF
Julia Ambler 507-509
Talking to children: What to do and what not to do PDF
Tracey Brand 510
Basic counselling skills PDF
Tracey Brand 511
Managing pain in children at the end of life: What the GP should know PDF
Michelle A Meiring 512
Physician self-care PDF
Janine Kirby, Patricia Lück 513
Abstracts PDF
B Farham 514


CPD questionnaire PDF