Vol 104, No 1 (2014)

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Guest Editorial

A South African decade of antiretrovirals PDF
W D Francois Venter 3

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
Janet Seggie 4


‘A new dietary paradigm?’ – prove it PDF
Ronald Garth Kapp 5
LCHF: Look at the full picture PDF
Luc Evenepoel 5


No sacred cows as private sector embraces society-wide solutions PDF
Universal coverage possible – with private sector support PDF


A first step towards transparency in pricing of medicines and scheduled substances – publication of guidelines for pharmaco-economic submissions PDF
Marthinus Petrus Stander, Margreet Bergh, Helen Elizabeth Miller-Jansön 10-11
Surrogacy commissioning fathers and HIV PDF
Donrich W Jordaan 12-13
Traditional male circumcision: Balancing cultural rights and the prevention of serious, avoidable harm PDF
Kevin Gary Behrens 15-16


Adult circumcision in the prevention of HIV/AIDS PDF
Norman D Goldstuck 17
Charting a path along the continuum of PMTCT of HIV-1, to elimination, and finally to eradication PDF
A Ramkisoon, H Coovadia 18-20
Challenging times for environmental health in South Africa: The role of the Environmental Health Research Network PDF
Caradee Yael Wright, Angela Mathee, Maria Aletta Oosthuizen 20-21


Diagnostic yield of fine needle aspiration biopsy in HIV-infected adults with suspected mycobacterial lymphadenitis PDF
R Razack, M Louw, C A Wright 27-28
Percutaneous core needle biopsies: The yield in spinal tuberculosis PDF
J H Watt, Johan H Davis 29-31
The attitudes of medical students to research PDF
D Nel, R J Burman, R Hofman, S Randera-Rees 32-36
Diabetes mellitus in HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy PDF
D Moyo, G Tanthuma 37-39
Parents’ perceptions of HIV counselling and testing in schools: Ethical, legal and social implications PDF
R Gwandure, E Ross, A Dhai, J Gardner 40-41
Patient-initiated sexual partner notification in Botswana and time taken for sexual contacts to report for treatment PDF
T A Tafuma, B C Ntwayagae, C M Moalafhi, J M Bolebantswe 42-44
The use of the full blood count and differential parameters to assess immune activation levels in asymptomatic, untreated HIV infection PDF
N Vanker, H Ipp 45-48
Sexual lubricants in South Africa may potentially disrupt mucosal surfaces and increase HIV transmission risk among men who have sex with men PDF
Kevin B Rebe, G de Swardt, P A Berman, H Struthers, J A McIntyre 49-51
Rapid, minimally invasive adult voluntary male circumcision: A randomised trial of Unicirc, a novel disposable device PDF
Peter S Millard, Hannah R Wilson, Norman D Goldstuck, Chibuzo Anaso 52-57
Surgical outreach in rural South Africa: Are we managing to impart surgical skills? PDF
Damian Luiz Clarke, Colleen Aldous 57-60

Continuing Medical Education

Mental healthcare in the community PDF
J Parker 68
A broad diagnostic framework to simplify the approach to mental disorders in primary care PDF
J Parker 69-71
An update on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) PDF
W Vogel 72
Outpatient management of adult alcoholism PDF
M F Williams 73-74
Psychiatry in primary care using the three-stage assessment PDF
C A Draper, P Smith 74
Recovery in mental health PDF
J Parker 77
De-institutionalisation in psychiatry – both sides of the coin PDF
J Parker 76
Adapting the psychiatric assessment for primary care PDF
J Parker 75
Intracerebral aneurysmal bleed presenting as acute subdural haemorrhage PDF
G Menon, A Thomas, M Nzey, B Luke


South African guideline for the use of chronic opioid therapy for chronic non-cancer pain QUICK REF GUIDE | PDF
Milton Raff, Jim Crosier, Steve Eppel, Helgard Meyer, Brian Sarembock, David Webb 78-89


CPD Questionnaire PDF