Vol 103, No 5 (2013)

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From the Editor

Screening – benefits or harms? PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 270-271

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 271-272


An adapted triage tool (ETAT) at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Medical Emergency Unit, Cape Town, South Africa: An evaluation PDF HTML
Anthony Thomas Westwood, Heloise Buys, Baljit Cheema 273
Triage - keep it simple, swift, safe and scientific PDF HTML
Michele Twomey, Heather Tuffin, Lee A Wallis 273
Artesunate v. quinine for severe malaria PDF HTML
Poobalan Naidoo, S Saman 274
Asthma guidelines: Why aminophylline? PDF HTML
Lee A Wallis, Melanie Stander 274
Late termination of pregnancy: Maternal counselling and fetal rights PDF HTML
Jonathan Victor Larsen, reply by L Govender, J Moodley 274-275


Autism – mitigating a global epidemic PDF HTML
Whistle blast on private healthcare’s ‘zero sum game’ PDF HTML
‘Jack-knife’ scrum victim; 8 years on, no payout PDF HTML
Karabus' ‘Argo moment’ a long time coming PDF UPDATE HTML


Is the mass circumcision drive in KwaZulu-Natal involving neonates and children less than 16 years of age legal? What should doctors do? PDF HTML
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 283-284
Private theatre utilisation in South Africa: A case study PDF HTML
Dieter Hartmann, Bernadette Sunjka 285-287


Toxicovigilance: Experience of the Tygerberg Poison Information Centre in context PDF HTML
Gerhard H Verdoorn 288-289
Screening for chronic diseases in South Africa PDF HTML
Robert Fryatt 289
Paradigm shift needed for cervical cancer: HPV infection is the real epidemic PDF HTML
Karin Richter, Greta Dreyer 290-292


Toxicovigilance I: A survey of acute poisoning in South Africa based on Tygerberg Poison Information Centre data PDF HTML
Denise Joy H Veale, Cherylynn Angela Wium, Gert Jacobus Müller 293-297
Toxicovigilance II: A survey of the spectrum of acute poisoning and current practices in the initial management of poisoning cases admitted to South African hospitals PDF HTML
Denise Joy H Veale, Cherylynn Angela Wium, Gert Jacobus Müller 298-303
Vital signs for children at triage: A multicentre validation of the revised South African Triage Scale (SATS) for children PDF HTML APPENDIX
Michèle Twomey, Baljit Cheema, Heloise Buys, Kirsten Cohen, Angela de Sá, Pauline Louw, Majedah Ismail, Heather Finlayson, Charmaine Cunningham, Anthony Westwood 304-308
Provincial screening rates for chronic diseases of lifestyle, cancers and HIV in a health-insured population PDF HTML
Leegale Adonis, Ruopeng An, John Luiz, Ateev Mehrotra, Deepak Patel, Debashish Basu, Roland Sturm 309-312
Age-specific prevalence of cervical human papillomavirus infection and cytological abnormalities in women in Gauteng Province PDF HTML
Karin Richter, P Becker, A Horton, G Dreyer 313-317
High uptake of Gardasil vaccine among 9 - 12-year-old schoolgirls participating in an HPV vaccination demonstration project in KwaZulu-Natal Province PDF HTML
Indres Moodley, V Mubaiwa, N Tathiah, L Denny 318-321
Risk of nevirapine-associated Stevens-Johnson syndrome among HIV-infected pregnant women: The Medunsa National Pharmacovigilance Centre, 2007 - 2012 PDF HTML
Nomathemba Dube, E Adewusi, R Summers 322-325
Bone marrow morphological features and diagnostic value in paediatric disseminated tuberculosis in the setting of increased HIV prevalence PDF HTML
Ravnit Grewal, Akinola Emmanuel Abayomi 326-329
Hepatitis B virus in HIV-infected patients in north-eastern South Africa: Prevalence, exposure, protection and response to HAART PDF HTML
Julius Ayuk, Jeffrey Mphahlele, Pascal Bessong 330-333


South African guideline for the management of chronic hepatitis B: 2013 PDF HTML
C W N Spearman, Mark W Sonderup, J F Botha, S W van der Merwe, E Song, C Kassianides, K A Newton, H N Hairwadzi 335-349


CPD Questionnaire PDF