Vol 97, No 12 (2007)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Racial profiling in medical research: What are we measuring? PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 1225

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 1229


Non seriodal anti-inflammatory drugs and cardiovascular risk - A rheumatologist's reply PDF
David Allan Whitelaw 1230
Unsuitable blood glucose measuring devices in neonatal or paediatric acute care PDF
Dankwart Friedrich Wittenberg, Alta Terblanche, Izelle Smuts, Johannes Opperman 1231
Information for Patients PDF
Olliver Ransome 1231


‘One shot’ to kill MDR TB – or risk patient death PDF
Maternal mortalities 90% down as legal ToP’s more than triple PDF
Rife substance abuse feeding mental health disorders PDF
Serving the helpless an ‘unexpected tonic’ PDF


The effect of the new Children's Act on consent to HIV testing and access to contraceptives by children PDF
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 1252
Adrenal rest tumours in congenital adrenal hyperplasia PDF
Ekkehard W Zollner, Richard D Pitcher 1254
Delayed hypersensitivity to low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) in pregnancy PDF
Elise Schapkaitz, barry frank jacobson 1255
Maintenance of Warfarin Therapy at an Anticoagulation Clinic PDF
barry frank jacobson, elise schapkaitz 1259

Book reviews

Book review - AIDS denialism PDF
Peter Ian Folb 1266


Martin Gerber PDF
Johan Maritz 1267
Arthur David (Kin) Bensusan PDF
Janella van Beeck 1267


Developing Human Rights competencies for South African health professional graduates PDF
Leslie London, Laurel Baldwin-Ragaven, Ahmed Kalebi, Soraya Maart, Lucretia Petersen, Josephine Kasolo 1269
At last - The end of the prothrombin index PDF
Barry Frank Jacobson 1271

Scientific letters

Outbreaks of food-borne disease: A common occurrence but rarely reported PDF
Anthony Marius Smith, Anne-Marie Gouws, Greta Hoyland, Arvinda Sooka, Karen Helena Keddy 1272
Laryngeal Carcinoma - Patient Profile and Delay in Referral PDF
Gabriel du Toit de Villiers, Riaz Yakoob Seedat, Andre Jacobus Claassen, Gina Joubert 1274

Original articles

Workload and casemix in Cape Town emergency departments PDF
Lee Alan Wallis, Michele Twomey 1276
Evaluation of a locally produced rapid urease test for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection PDF
D Levin 1281
Screening for diabetic retinopathy in primary care with a mobile fundal camera - evaluation of a South African pilot project PDF
Bob Mash, Di Powell, Felicity du Plessis, Unita van Vuuren, Margaret Michalowska, Dinky Levitt 1284
The utility of thromboelastography in the monitoring of aspirin therapy PDF
Elizabeth Mayne, Barry Jacobson, Susan Louw, Penelope Bernstein, Anthony Mayne 1289
Otorrhoea is a marker for symptomatic disease in HIV-infected children PDF
J Karpakis, H Rabie, J Howard, A Janse van Rensburg, M F Cotton 1292
National audit of critical care resources in South Africa: research methodology PDF
Juan Scribante, Sats Bhagwanjee 1308
National audit of critical care resources in South Africa: unit and bed distribution PDF
Juan Scribante, Sats Bhagwanjee 1311
National audit of critical care resources in South African: Nursing profile PDF
Juan Scribante, Sats Bhagwanjee 1315
National audit of critical care resources in South Africa: open versus closed intensive and high care units PDF
Juan Scribante, Sats Bhagwanjee 1319
National audit of critical care resources in South Africa: Transfer of critically ill patients PDF
Sats Bhagwanjee 1323


Management of Community-acquired Pneumonia in Adults PDF
Charles Feldman, Adrian Brink, Guy A Bateman, Gary Maartens, Eric D Bateman 1295-1306