Vol 101, No 11 (2011)

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From the Editor

The illusive promise of circumcision to prevent female-to-male HIV infection - not the way to go for South Africa PDF HTML
Daniel J Ncayiyana 775-776

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
J P van Niekerk 778


Burnout of junior doctors and skills retention PDF HTML
Mark Stodel 780
Akhenaten’s mystery remains PDF HTML
Ahad Eshraghian 780
Death with integrity PDF HTML
Jonathan Victor Larsen 780,782


Focus on the ‘how’ and start piloting NHI now – former UK health chief PDF HTML
Vital foreign-qualified doctors face xenophobia PDF HTML
Caring for doctors is caring for the community – RuDASA PDF HTML
Stabilise medical schemes, reduce NHI patient burden - Discovery PDF HTML


Medical ethics and the payment of fees before treatment PDF HTML
David McQuoid-Mason 798-799
The Consumer Protection Act: No-fault liability of health care providers PDF HTML
M Nöthling Slabbert, Michael S Pepper 800-801


Bryan Kies PDF HTML
Alan Bryer, Bongani Mayosi, Marian Jacobs, Anil Madhari 802
Deon Ronaldus Rautenbach PDF HTML
Erich Bam 802

Book reviews

An Uneasy Story: The Nationalising of South African Mission Hospitals 1960-1976: A Personal Account PDF HTML
Neil Andrew Cameron 803


Supporting registration of child-focused clinical trials in Africa: The Child Strategy Project PDF
Amber L Abrams, Newton Opiyo, Mark Cotton, Siobhan Crowley, Joseph Okebe, Charles Shey Wiysonge 804
Genetic profiling in breast cancer PDF HTML
J Edge, E Panieri 805

Scientific letters

A reduction of necrotising enterocolitis at Groote Schuur Hospital nursery PDF HTML
Y Joolay, N R Rhoda, L Tooke, A R Horn, M C Harrison 806
Purchasing of medical equipment in public hospitals: The mini-HTA tool PDF HTML
Moreshnee Govender, Debjani B Mueller, Debashis Basu 807-808

Original articles

Tuberculosis in a South African prison - a transmission modelling analysis PDF HTML
Simon Johnstone-Robertson, Stephen D Lawn, Alex Welte, Linda-Gail Bekker, Robin Wood 809-813
Professionalism and the intimate examination - are chaperones the answer? PDF HTML
Ames Dhai, Jillian Gardner, Yolande Guidozzi, Graham Howarth, Merryll Vorster 814-816
A public health approach to the impact of climate change on health in southern Africa - identifying priority modifiable risks PDF HTML
J Myers, T Young, M Galloway, P Manyike, T Tucker 817-820
Responding to climate change in southern Africa - the role of research PDF HTML
J Myers, T Young, M Galloway, P Manyike, T Tucker 820-822
Is non-therapeutic aspirin use in children a problem in South Africa? PDF HTML
Kirsten Donald, Susan Hall, Cylene Seaton, Donald Tanyanyiwa 823-828
Baseline chest radiographic features of HIV-infected children eligible for antiretroviral therapy PDF HTML
Vicci du Plessis, Savvas Andronikou, Gabriel Struck, Neil McKerrow, Aisne Stoker 829-834
The prevalence of intentional and unintentional injuries in selected Johannesburg housing settlements PDF
J F Mendes, A Mathee, N Naicker, P Becker, S Naidoo 835-836,838


Recommendations for the management of adult chronic myeloid leukaemia in South Africa PDF
V J Louw, L Dreosti, P Ruff, V Jogessar, D Moodley, N Novitzky, M Patel, A Schmidt, P Willem 840-846


CPD Questionnaire PDF